Godshealer7 End Time Prophecy


December 6, 2016

Part 1 Listen the lion roars. The birds take flight can you see the beasts of the earth running. Look at the sky it’s clear shhh. Listen I hear thunder. .. I know how can there be thunder the sky is clear … I. Know but it looks strange … Somethings not right I have a peculiar feeling. Look over there it looks like it’s lightening. I think we should go inside its lightening and thundering to the east. I’m going to put the news on to see if something is going on. The newsman says the lightening and thunder can be heard and seen all over the world. The lightening is causing fires everywhere. What’s that it looks like airplanes I don’t know but I can hear sirens no there’s something else. Yes I hear it it sounds like a trumpet blowing did you hear that. The news says the government has ordered our planes up they are tracking something on the radar. Lets go down the street and look at the national guard armory …wait I can see the truck’s coming up the road I think we should go over to the store now the local news just cut in and said schools are all being letout early and all the national guard units are on alert I’m going to stop at the bank first hurry up so we can get back before the kids come home. ..

Part 2 Ok we better hurry the place looks jammed already. Put the news on. I can’t the tv stations are all off the air I’ll try the radio. .. There’s nothing its off the air too I think I know what’s going on let’s get what we need and get home look none of the street lights are working we have to take the back roads. See if your cell phone works. No it’s dead. I can feel the earth shaking remember that earth quake we had and the doors were moving and pictures I think this is what the bible calls the end of. Time when Jesus returns. Or The Day of The Lord they say it will be a regular day no one knows when it is but the signs are available to see for those with eyes and those with ears can hear all the warnings. I guess God gave warnings like he did in the time of Noah and no one listened they all laughed at the warnings and made fun of it until it started to rain … Guess what I think it’s raining.

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