Three Days of Darkness

Pressing in During the 3 Days of Darkness – Jesus LoverOfMySoul

Word thru Jesus LoverOfMySoul
April 4, 2019


Time is no more! The clock has already struck midnight and the bridegroom cometh. Those ready will enter in, those not will remain outside. It is close now. The rise of the anti christ is close. Things will soon happen in this spiritual realm to make way for things to happen in the physical. Gross darkness to follow. Many are not ready. The separation has began. Separation between men and his God. What many view as innocent as quite opposite. (this also means idols of man) This world is soon to plunge into darkness and nothing will stop these events. Nothing! Much has went into preparing my children for the days ahead. Many are not yet listening. There is sorrow, much sorrow. Darkness and sorrow accompany the living. The dead walk among you seeking whom they can devour. Are you ready? The still small voice will lead you. Listen carefully in the days ahead. Listen carefully! Focus on what you need to hear My voice will come through. Press on through. Things will come through if you press through the darkness. I will meet you! Do not be afraid when you hear these things outside your doors. They will not hurt you. They will not come in to you. For I will not allow it. Though they prowl they cannot come in. Remember that Susan. Share this with them. Many need to know My words.

Matthew 25:6


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