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Darkness Was Here – Anonymous

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Darkness Was Here

April 11, 2024 4:20 AM

I have received a message from our Lord Jesus Christ today 4/11/24.

Hello there, today is 4/11/24 and I do believe our Lord Jesus Christ has sent me a dream that was vivid and defined in details. This dream had a lot of messages and meaning behind it on what was shown with symbols and events. I do ask that one takes it to the Lord for confirmation and any questions that one may hold. I do believe I am a watchman and I must warn others (Ezekiel 33:6). I have asked our Lord before putting this message out for confirmation and I have felt His presence to release this. Below is the dream with a few commentary notes on what has reflected from within the dream.

The dream started with me in a community area where I have seen tall buildings and paved streets. The skies were clear and sunny as it was daytime, but no time was presented to me in the dream. I have noticed many people (large crowds) outside as I was not sure why there was a gathering, but as if something has drawn them onto the streets for some form of event(s) that where taking place.

As I was walking around, I remember seeing a cemetery in my view where I felt this reflected a form of death. I couldn’t help note how the crowd of individual where acting in society, but I couldn’t place my hand what was happening to describe their actions. Before I knew it, everyone has stopped what they were doing and looked up with confusion and curiosity towards the sky. What has occurred felt like trumpets being blared where I can feel it (think of sky trumpets playing notes), this felt as it was a warning on what being put out as if it was an emergency alert that one may witness on a radio or television.

There was a guy next to me who I didn’t know. But I told him to take cover for asteroids (celestial objects) that were coming into the earth atmosphere and the three days of darkness was about to fall. I remember him looking in disbelief before adhering to words being spoken. But then he ran away from me towards a multi story parking lot to look for his love ones. I remember I had to make it home because that where I have my preps for such an event that was about to take place.

Scene change

I was brought to an older home that I was owned. In this home, I had tv cast inside that I didn’t know and a celebrity who I watch her shows on tv. I felt we had to get the windows covered with heavy curtains and blankets. This celebrity was trying to help me, but we were fumbling because we were not ready for what is about to occur outside. I remember getting frustrated at the celebrity individual because I felt she didn’t adhere to what I was saying on how the darkness will be alive and how evil entities (demons) will be roaming around. I have mentioned how they must not see inside of the home and how we must not look outside. For the curtains and blanket were falling down due to their own weight that we couldn’t make it in time. In addition, we had many rooms left to go in the house. Next thing I have notice was daylight was gone and darkness was here.

Then I woke up at 330am.


I am not sure what and why there were large crowds on the streets. I do know a cemetery reflects death and those who have passed away. The trumpets in the sky was playing a musical notes as if they were a warning (Joel 2:1).

The guy who was in disbelief before adhering to the words that were spoken. I felt this is a reflection on how many don’t understand or know what is about to come with the three days of darkness. As some may feel it doesn’t exist or may not come to fruition as if they were blowing it off as if it was nothing. Look at Exodus 20:21 & Exodus 10:22 for the three days of darkness. The guy once he adhered to what was happening has taking action as he has awakened from being blinded from is occurring in the world and his understanding how it relates to Scriptures. When he ran towards to multi story parking lot to look for his love ones, this reflects a challenge that lies ahead of him to find the individual(s) he cared for before darkness has fallen.

The preps I had at home which led me to go toward was a reflection how many individual(s) have prepped in someway for event(s) that are about to come. I do believe one must prepare themselves in a way and an order as follows: spiritually and aligned themselves with our Lord first. This sets a temple and base for the next two foundations. The Lord is our savior and He will protect us. Next will be physical, this can be from objects that one may own and their physical nature with health. Last mentally, one must be prepared for such events to endure what is about to come so they can withstand what is about to be revealed in a way that can be unsettling.

The older residence I once resided, I can’t explain the meaning to it. The tv cast and celebrity I am thinking is a tv show I watch twice a week that is shown on certain days. I can’t explain if this will be a reflection on the show being aired on tv will be parallel to the day of such events. The weight of the curtains reflects the sins one may carry in their heart and lives on how we must repent and ask for forgiveness. The reflection how we couldn’t get the curtains up along with the blanket in time is due to how many are unprepared for what was about to come. This reflects how it was daylight outside at one moment and then it was dark the next second.

Please take it to the Lord for any questions and concern.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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