China, Civil Unrest, Dream



January 15, 2021 2:00 PM
Amanda White

Dream | 10.8.20 @ 7:10 A.M.

In this dream, there were active shootings occurring, economic collapse was on the brink, riots and protests grew stronger and the media coverage kept us all pre-occupied with lies and jargon. I was someone else in this dream that belonged to what I believe was Antifa or some similar movement (as we all wore black, were all destroying the city, shooting people and caused mayhem). I was sitting in an assembly event with hundreds of people in what looked like an out of business warehouse that was completely broken down and destroyed.

I distinctly remember the Chinese were running these distractions both on the media and the destruction/chaos in America. The leader of China (Xi Jinping) came up to the podium to speak. Right before speaking into the microphone, Xi signaled for two men to bring in a T.V. on a cart to show his audience. He looked proud for what he was about to show us all. I remember hearing people around me in the audience say “It’s all been a distraction.

The media is going to announce the real news at 8 P.M. tonight”. I asked, “What are you all talking about?” They replied, “The Coronavirus was a distraction so they can take down Trump and start the real lockdown. This time, Trump won’t stand in their way- they are taking him below ground.” I said, “I knew it! I knew this was all a distraction and no one wanted to believe me!” Then the Chinese made an announcement to the assembly stating there would be a nationwide lockdown, and this time they will do it the right way. They turned on the T.V., and several news stations reported a nationwide lockdown, declaring Trump had been compromised. There were back-to-back media clips of militia being deployed throughout the states and I knew this was it- this was the start of it all. Woke up with an intense feeling like this was going to happen after the election.


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