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Prayer Request Update – Handmaid of the Most High

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Prayer Request Update

October 25, 2023 5:25 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

To the praying brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your prayers! I have felt them at work.

In late September, I was seen in the emergency room and admitted to the hospital. From there I was sent to a rehab center for therapy and went to a rehab hospital from there. I was discharged because my insurance ran out. I am still experiencing extreme challenges with pain which prevents me from being able to perform basic living tasks. After having several practitioners evaluate me in the past two days, I have been advised to re-hospitalized due to the severity of my present condition. Please pray for guidance in the next step. Surgery seems to be the best approach.

Due to extreme lack of medical services in FL (it rates 46 out of 50 states – that’s what no state taxes results in -many retirees are leaving and taking residence in Alabama). I have to pay the entire cost for any help I need. I have not been able to shower or prepare food and have been eating fruit and protein bars – my blood work shows malnutrition since this has been going on for 8 months. Likewise, I have not been able to leave the house even for medical care.

While I was gone, I was robbed. In addition, a few checks sent in Sept. were not yet cashed due to my inability to go to the bank – if you sent a check in early or mid Sept., please notify your bank to stop payment. To my knowledge, none were cashed. I notified everyone except one woman who lives in the West but don’t remember her name or state – if that is you, please contact me through Jonathan the webmaster.

A few checks were in the mail when I came home so they were not stolen (October seems safe.) The police have been notified.

I have no idea what I owe for 3 days hospitalization. Dog sitters cost me $1000. I will need to hire an outside service to come and give assistance, if I remain at home as I am unable to care for myself. If the Lord impresses upon you to help, I would be so grateful. Please do not feel obligated – your prayers mean a lot to me as well.

This has been a very humbling experience for me as I have very little use of my legs. All my life I gave assistance to others in need (including two cancer patients who had children and little help from family or friends as they passed to the next life). To ask for help for even a glass of water and wait for hours or to have a nurse take 3 or 4 hours to deliver pain meds. I have always been against my independence and self-reliant and seldom every shared my needs. It has brought me to the some very deep and painful insights about surrendering.

While writing this note, my computer dropped and the power plug got broken. I had just spent $65. for this replacement and got 3 days of use. It takes $80 for expedited shipping (one week, since I may be in the hospital during this time, I may not post for a while). The enemy is very determined and unhappy with my continued determination to post messages from the Lord. This is once is normal wear and tear, twice is an attack. This has been of many challenges I have faced in the past year.

Thank you for your prayers and contributions, I know I would not be typing this without them, I ask the Lord to bless each one of you. May God richly bless you!

Multiple people have taken advantage of my situation to rob me of checks received in September and October.  Please contact your bank to see if they were cashed, if so, contact me.  Stop payment on the checks you sent and see if your bank will waive the stop payment fee since they were stolen, some will.
A page will be set-up on the internet to make a donation toward my medical expenses.
I am sorry that this has happened!

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