Prayer & Decree – Tim Thompson

Prayer & Decree – Tim Thompson

May 22, 2018

Dear heavenly Father , I pray you would create in me a pure heart, give me a heart of repentance to where I will be one with you in the spirit . Father in heaven I pray that every sin I have committed will be forgiven and every demonic power and all demonic hindrances that try to stop the anointing of God flowing in me or out of me will be rebuked in Jesus Christ mighty name. I pray all passages will be cleared so I can walk in the fullness of the anointing, authority, and power of Jesus Christ. I declare and decree lord Jesus Christ that with your help I pray you will help me enlarge my tent pegs will widen so your name will be glorified even more so in my life. Please lord Jesus Christ give me a heart to walk in love and compassion. Right now in Jesus Christ name I now come against all the spirits of frustration, irritation, nervousness, anxiety , worry, fear, doubt, depression, lust, poverty, lack, sickness and anger. Now I decree and declare that these spirits power will be broken off my life from trying to influence me again. I ask you lord Jesus Christ that all demonic powers, authorities, principalities, powers of darkness, witchcraft, Satanism and occultism will be broken off from my life and severed from me once and for all. In Jesus Christ name I pray amen!

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