Pandemics, Plague

Pray for Africa – Melinda Goss

Melinda Goss/Humbleservant4Christ

Africa…keep praying for Africa. The disease there has been grown in a lab.

Beautiful Africa, the land is so rich the wicked will do whatever they can to get it…while making money through the corrupt world medical system.

Pray it doesn’t spread on the airplanes throughout the earth when they lose control of what they have released.

Pray for the innocent, pray against the witch doctors, killing people for their poisoned blood, in the Northwest corner of Africa..pray the poisoned blood doesn’t spread throughout North Africa, because many will die.

The Congo, the innocent they kill…its ALL about the money corrupt world leaders and riches of the land…PRAY PRAY PRAY

As they are releasing this pestilence they are building up resorts in a mountain range in Russia…

They will hide themselves in the rocks and in space to run and hide from Gods wrath, they will fail.

The Father says

“They think they can hide from my wrath, but they cant”

Africa is being turned inside out…a great evil in Africa…

PRAY PRAY doesn’t get out of control and spread…PRAY PRAY PRAY

Much love your Sister in Christ,


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