Randy Conway



I weep for those who are caught unaware,
When men will die and it’s too late for prayer.
How sad that many will not believe
And the cost of denial they will receive.

When judgment falls people will be frantic
The children will cry and the mothers will be in a panic.
The fathers will watch their loved ones suffer,
Because they were too proud to establish a buffer.

The buffer is not that you can escape from the storm
But to do what you can to keep your family fed and keep them warm.
A prudent man foresees evil and takes action to save himself,
How sad to be a father who refused to even put some food on a shelf.

The tears will flow along with rivers of blood,
Both mingling in the streets a cruel and bitter flood.
Money will be changed and who knows what will be its worth
Now is the time to hear not when trouble has been birthed.

I weep for the women and I weep for the children
I pray for protection from Satan’s employed villains.
But alas I can but pray, I cannot act for you.
You must decide that the Word of God is true.

Your decision will affect today, tomorrow and forever
The heavenly Father weeps for He has invited whomsoever.
Those who refuse to believe the truth as the watchmen cry
Are accursed then with a delusion that they should believe the lies.

I weep for those who will be caught in the terrible panic
How can you describe what is coming except to say it will be satanic.
Grievous times that God has warned us about
Multitudes scoff the warnings living in a world of spiritual drought.

Salvation waits for those who will be saved
Those who reject Jesus are destined to be enslaved.
The enemy of our souls has planned for you a future that is depraved.
In the palm of the Father’s hand the believer’s name has been engraved.


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