Plowing – Ruth Johnson


Nov 26, 2019 1:21 PM
Ruth Johnson

I Praise Thee, Jehovah,
I Hail Thee now,
Teach me to put
My back to the plow,
For after the reaping,
And after the burn,
I will need to help plant,
I need to learn.
I Praise Thee, Jehovah,
It is to Thee I run
For every Great Lesson
Under the sun,
The sun that should be gold
As the streets in Your Town,
Teach me from Old
How to lay those streets down.
For I want to be working
On those streets of gold
To stay out of trouble
So I can grow old,
Old as the mountains,
Old as the streams,
Old as the trees,
Old as my dreams.
I Praise Thee, Jehovah,
For not giving up
On a poor employee
Who has been fired enough.
For Yours is The Kingdom
Yours and Your Son’s,
And my job is plowing
Under Your sun.


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  1. Hi Ruth. I just want to say that I really enjoy your poems! If only you could play that guitar you could write music for all of them! I love your faithfulness and your great love of God. It is very inspiring. Bless you my sister…much love. Leah

  2. Ruth Johnson

    Hi Leah! So excited to hear from you, and thank you! I have a lot of help from the Lord with the words, and sometimes I think Prince and Mozart assist, even Tom Petty! So far, do not seem to be getting help with the guitar! He keeps telling me we need new songs, but we all need to help! Boy, do I need help! I have been collecting instruments, want to start a remnant garage band, maybe call it the Victors, invite the family to a concert! Oh Lord, please!
    Love you! Your sister in Christ,

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