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Plagues by Ticks and “Snow Flurries” – Anno.Domini.144K


Plagues by Ticks and “Snow Flurries”

May 22, 2021 7:23 PM

September 25, 2018

In a dream vision the Holy Spirit showed me several means by which the coming plagues would be delivered to humanity.

I saw an infestation of shiny, dark brown round TICKS in people’s homes and on their bodies. These ticks would carry one of the plagues, which would much resemble the “BLACK DEATH” bubonic and pneumonic plagues of old. People’s pets would bring these ticks indoors. I watched a woman pet her golden retriever only to notice the dog’s hair was falling out and the animal’s skin was altering, turning inflamed, pasty and crusty. The skin had a powdery film. Soon the woman herself turned sick and she watched the skin of her own arm turn discolored and stretch with lumps. The plague was so fast progressing that she would barely have the strength and time to get herself to a hospital.

I then saw low-flying planes delivering another plague. These planes did not look like the usual ones we see in the sky. They had very wide triangular wings with many devices to eject material. When these planes passed low overhead, soon the sky would appear to be dropping mysterious-looking “SNOW FLURRIES”. These objects reminded people of pieces of WHITE FEATHERS OR LIGHT-COLORED WOOD SHAVINGS. These objects were saturated with a plague and the people who recognized them for what they were ran indoors as soon as they could.

I saw these plagues originate in the area of ARIZONA AND CALIFORNIA and spread north and east.

REPENT AND GET RIGHT WITH THE LORD YOUR GOD AND ACCEPT JESUS AS YOUR SAVIOR. Then should you lose your life in these plagues, you will gain eternal life in God’s kingdom.


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