Pig-people – Every Knee Shall Bow

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March 31, 2022 9:14 PM
Every Knee Shall Bow

God bless you all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I thank God for the family He has given each one of us that is led by His Holy Spirit on this earth.

I had this dream around the first week of January 2022 and it was disturbing, very unpleasant, and I have struggled to share it for several reasons. I despise the rising Beast System that everyone who’s awake can clearly see growing in strength all around us and seeing things that pertain to that is very uncomfortable to say the least. I know we’ll see more of them and having to share them is very taxing on me. However, I’m guilty for thinking for a second this is about ‘me’ and how I feel about it. This is about our loving, long suffering, and patient God who’s merciful and reveals us things so we can prepare and live under His shadow daily. This dream I received some weeks after my first dream on the topic of chimerism/hybridism. I have already shared that one here: https://444prophecynews.com/chimeras-among-us-but-never-part-of-us-every-knee-shall-bow/

That first one came as a shock and a very ugly revelation to me. Then I got this one and I really had to take some time to digest this. Not only for its content, but right after it (the very next day) I began encountering other witnesses to the same revelation (that I hadn’t encountered before) and I have to admit it has been tough for me to see how true and close to our reality this is already.

I’m releasing it because I know it was given to me for that purpose and I pray God accomplishes all He has planned for those who love Him and those who will come to repentance in these last days. Please take all to the Lord in prayer and trust in His HOLY WORD for guidance. Let it be a light on every step you take. Amen.


I dreamt I was at a park with a group of people. We were having a nice day in the outdoors when I stumbled upon a couple I happen to know in real life. I just said , hi and continued what I was doing. As soon as I got home I got a message from them sharing how they had had a great day there at the park. They sent me something like a family keepsake of their day at the park.

In what they sent (that I got in the form of pictures and clips), I saw their young daughter and something that to me looked like a pig dressed like a child. It stood on two feet (like a child) and had a straight body. This was the weirdest thing because it had the body and skin of a human girl, also the hair, but the face had a snout and the forehead was pretty narrow.

This couple was referring to this human-pig as an adoptive daughter and I could not believe it. At first I thought they were just acting like people that give animals a human status and that they ‘made’ it look human. However, later in the dream I saw another couple I know in real life and who are childless say they had adopted two of the human-pig girls. This couple has dogs and do treat them like you would a human child in real life. (Please allow me a side comment here: brothers and sisters, please do not do this. Pets/animals are not humans and were never meant by their Creator, our God, to be treated like humans. The Bible distinguishes between humans and beasts. We are to care for them – Proverbs 12:10- but always knowing they are not at the same level as us, humans. We have dominion over them (Genesis 1:26) and an animal should not be treated or regarded as a human. Take that to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to show you how you are to treat animals. I believe and can already see how that view of animals=humans is a deception that prepares humanity to accept the hybridism/chimerism of the last days).

I continue:  I saw more closely these two human-pig ‘girls’ and they were very much alike. Almost identical. They had the awareness of a very quiet and numb human baby. They looked like they were 4 years old. As I heard their adoption stories from their families and saw portraits, videos of outings with them, and how deeply emotional these people were about having them as part of their families, the first couple with the real human daughter mentioned they hoped nothing ever happened to this newly adopted family member (the human-pig) because their daughter had already bonded with it (emotionally speaking).

I remember that throughout this dream I just kept saying to myself in total shock: “but… that’s a PIG”.

End of dream.


Brief comment:

If we understand the times we’re living in we can also understand this is going to be the horrible scenario the future holds for humanity. This was a dream I didn’t even mention to my family that day. However, the very next day my husband told me: Did you see the news? A man was transplanted with a pig heart. I froze and told him: Oh please don’t tell me that. I just saw pig-people in a dream and it was horrible.

Two days after that I was in communication with a sister in Christ when she mentioned God had shown her pig-people in a dream. I hadn’t told her about my dream and my heart just sunk in my chest.

Yes. We’ll see pig-people. Please remember those will NOT be real people. Stay away from anything that is not ‘pure-blood human’. The ONLY ones for whom Jesus shed His precious sin cleansing blood on the cross.

John 6:56 “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them.”

God bless.

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