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Chimeras among us, but never part of us

January 24, 2022 10:38 AM
Every Knee Shall Bow
“ And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.” Daniel 2:43

God bless you all brothers and sisters in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

I had this very disturbing dream on November 18, 2021 and was accompanied with a long-lasting bad feeling of an ungodly reality that will be witnessed by the appointed generation, I believe in a nearer future than most think.

This is a topic I have never researched, maybe because it’s very repulsive to my spirit. It’s also the first time the Lord reveals anything about it to me and I didn’t feel l had to share it. I didn’t even want to remember the dream or information I received; it’s just a horrible and sad reminder of how low humans have gotten. How far away and disrespectful we are to the laws and order our Creator God established for all to follow. It’s a reminder of the birthing of the Beast System population: darkness everywhere. However, in the days and weeks ahead I was impressed with the amount of remarks I heard from news media and even other brethren regarding the same topic. So, I share what I received and ask you to please take it to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to tell you if these things are so or not.

I dreamt I had a family member who was a chimera. That was the term used in the dream. A term I had only maybe read somewhere many years ago in a brief article and really didn’t understand well (and still don’t). So what I share is the information that I got and not information that I necessarily understand or grasp too well. This young man had been hidden from the rest of the family by his ‘parents’ (my direct family members). He grew way faster than regular people and in 4 years was already a late teenager. He was very handsome but weird. I guess he had no soul (more details for this conclusion later).

He was taught in the ways of the world and I saw snapshots of his life being all about fun, but he was weird about that also. It was like he was enjoyed and loved by his ‘parents’ who desired a son and couldn’t conceive one naturally , but he was just a participant. I saw he was used to fulfilling his family’s desires and was ‘mad’ or dark inside. So he did have some emotions but I don’t know if they were his’ or if they resided in a soul. There was the pervasive sense that he was taught and surrounded with the idea that God was a lie. That the Bible was untrue and bad.

I saw his baby album and observed how his birth and growth had been witnessed, documented, and supported by a very close-knit group of people. I overheard a meeting his parents had with other parents of chimeras/hybrids (like a support group) . I could overhear them say there are many of them (chimeras) in Europe/UK. In the baby album, which I saw as a movie because each page I turned had video clips, I saw his upbringing. (Remember he had just been introduced to me, already a teen). I saw him at the park, down a water slide, on slings, ‘enjoying’ outings etc. It was so worldly; his dad was supposed to be his hero. I don’t know if he ‘felt’ it that way though. While overhearing their meeting (which was apparently online) I was reminded by a voice and presence from God not to come close to them (chimeras) because there was evil in them.

At one point I had a strong, even physical (some pushing occurred) encounter with two of his female friends who came to me questioning the truthfulness of the Bible. As we fervently discussed this I was pushed and he was just looking upon us. These two female friends were regular people (human), but acted as very strong supporters and kind of ‘fans’ of this young man.

At the end of the dream I finally talked to him about the sad encounter I had with his friends when they began talking about the Bible and I told them they couldn’t talk about a book they hadn’t read. I told them that that Book had saved my life. That was the first time I approached him and apologized for the ‘scene’ if that made him sad, however I couldn’t sense sadness in him. I also thought I should love him because he was my family and young (I’m very fond of youth) and I was attracted to those aspects, but there was a big lack of emotional/spiritual connection with him and there was also a big spiritual red flag not to even try to love him.

Those were my thoughts fighting the spiritual knowledge I was receiving about this new situation. How not to love a family member? He was a young boy and hadn’t done anything ‘bad’ to me. However I was hearing clearly in my spirit to stay away. All that I kept to myself and he and I agreed that maybe we needed to spend more time together to build a relationship and that there was no connection between us because we didn’t know each other well. I could feel there was no real affection between us at all, which is weird because I connect with almost everyone I meet, even if we don’t speak or know each other. I told him I’d see him the next day and he eagerly agreed.

I was planning to talk to him about Jesus. He had seemed curious in my exchange about the Bible with his friends. I wondered in my heart if he could be saved and at the same time I knew without any doubt that he couldn’t. He was not human. Then we weirdly tried to hug but there was NO love there. It was a horrible feeling to hug something that looks like a person, but is as empty of a soul as a dead corpse.

Right after, someone who knew him said, “but he has a problem that has not been solved”. The young chimera-man looked frustrated and resentful about it. Then the friend’s voice said: “He needs to recharge every night”. I replied in order to make him feel ok and not different from us humans: “Oh, I also need to recharge every night, otherwise I’m good for nothing the next day”. But then it was explained to me that he forgot everything every night or time he was not charged and that a video was made of what had happened the day before for him to remember.

I then had a vision of something that looked like a big wagon or one of those big laundry hotel bins (many of them linked to one another like a train). Inside of those huge, long bins were all the people he had interacted with and I had seen with him that day. People looked like rag dolls and were ‘asleep’. They were picked up and brought to make a video for him to watch and remember the next morning. As I watched the vision I said to myself with deep regret about having engaged with him in conversation: “So, I’ll be brought out of there too for him to remember our conversation?”

Then I woke up.

This was a dream with many details/information and I will list important points for easier reading:

  • In this dream I felt he was supported not only by his family and friends but also by the system, environment etc. I was a minority, a small dissident voice in the dream.
  • When I met him the first time I said things to him like an older family member does to younger ones. I gave him good and sound Biblical advice and he acted thankful and said he would consider those things he had never heard before. However I could tell in his eyes only, that he deeply disliked my approach (like he resented/hated my authority over him) although his expressions concealed it perfectly
  • His mom was always nervous around him
  • In his baby pictures it caught my attention he had a very weird body shape. It was like he lacked a neck. That area had enlarged or swollen skin. That changed as he grew up and was an impressively handsome man. As a baby he was very emotionless and expressionless.
  • As a teen he was handsome but had features not at all like his parents. He had blue eyes, straight hair, light brown skin.
  • The mom had put two supersized ugly rings on one of his hands as a baby. They had colors (blue being the most prevalent) and a spiky design. This had a very bad impression on my spirit although I don’t know the meaning of that.
  • In the dream I knew chimeras could give birth to hybrids too. It was something the mom was expecting from him, to make her a grandma.
  • In the dream I knew he was a ‘human-fly-AI mix’ and that the most prevalent was AI.

Personal note:

I felt horrible when I realized I had been caught into building a relationship with him and now I’d be “taken” while asleep for him to “study me” so he could further interact with me. He was mostly AI and although I don’t know how this will play out I do know that EVERYTHING anyone shares online NOW is NEVER lost. It is consumed, studied, played, shared when you are not aware of it. When you ‘disconnect’ and think your interaction with AI has ended, you are being deceived; it has not. Let us be careful and wise regarding our personal information and the way we use AI of all types. For me, I don’t want to store ‘extra points’ or ‘cash-back’ nonsense in exchange for my phone number. My email, address, phone number, name etc. is PERSONAL. Much more the places I go, what I buy, what I like or not, my plans etc. Oversharing will prove to be one of the worst decisions we make (or have already made) in these end times. May the Lord help us and protect us all. Amen.

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