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School Children Vaccinated Parents Unaware

May 31, 2021 12:29 PM

I’ve prayed about this vision and I feel the need to share. Take this to prayer as always. I work in pharmacy. DO NOT TAKE THEVJAB! I’d like to say that each year the regular flu shot is changed. They even add SARS to it. If you remember years ago SARS there was an epidemic in 2003 in China. As Americans we just saw them on the news with their masks. Well I learned that each year they change the regular flu vaccine to add SARS among other ingredients. I even got my flu shot last August.

I was led by the holy spirit I heard don’t get your flu shot. I said ok why. Holy Ghost said they will trick people making them think their getting the flu shot when its the c vax. I said okay. I get a flu shot every year so this was a shock. This was when the vision goes from audio to vision.

I see an elementary school. I see kids lined up headed to the nurses office one by one getting the vaccine. The child I saw clearly looked Caucasian brown long wavy hair maybe 3rd grade. I don’t have kids so I’ve been very uncomfortable saying anything about this. But I’m letting you know what I saw. Take it to prayer. The girl goes home and she’s wearing a tank top not strappy. When she gets home her mom is watching her put down her school bag and take off her shoes. The mom says why is there a band-aid on your arm. The girl says we had to get shots today. The mother looked shocked. End of vision.

This is so difficult because I don’t have kids. Please take it to prayer and ask for guidance. Accept Jesus Christ as your savior. I pray for you parents and your kids.

Sister in Christ Desianna

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