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order of events/judgements to come – daughteroftheLord

order of events/judgements to come

April 14, 2020 9:03 PM

I received this word from the lord after praying and asking about the order of events/judgements to come on 3/19/20 and 3/22/20.

My daughter,
Things are coming to pass quickly that were foretold long ago for Babylon has been sold for gold. Many countries seek the debt to be paid before they raid the land and deal cards of destruction from their hand. These countries stand at the north and come from the South and are released from the dragons mouth.

China had plans to release a bioweapon from their hand that would destroy the people in the land before the takeover began. I knew what they would try to do so I released the winds of change which altered its range. The Coronavirus is being used to remove those who are not meant to stand the judgements coming to the land. More viruses will come that will be used to test the faith of some while helping others to choose to follow me or deny thee.  As things will be shaken and some taken this will lead into the war of three as one of the judgements to be. Many things will change at the same time as the money will decline the food shortage will climb and the weather patterns will be as different as can be.

The peace treaty will be signed by election time to make things appear peaceful and fine. Then sudden destruction will be in the land of the free and all will understand the destruction to be by the hand of thee.  For no one is allowed to touch my land and change the boundaries set by my hand. A big earthquake will divide your land in two making waters rise and changing the topography of the land as it will be compromised. All of these things must take place to usher in the beast system to accept the mark to separate mine from swine (persons regarded with contempt or disgust; clean vs unclean).

Many things are hidden from the eyes of man to protect the hearts and minds of those who live in this time. For no one could withstand to know all that is seen by the Great I Am. So many evil things are taking place behind closed doors that fill me with righteous anger that must be released without cease. The eternal value of man is more important to me; therefore judgements you must see. I will protect and lead those of mine who are called for such a time to prepare and be ready to hold my kingdom steady. For thy will be done, thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven for the time has come for all evil to be leavened for the kingdom of heaven.

There will also be many glorious things to see as I lead thee. For you live in a time that has never been before and the Great I Am is knocking at the door. Prepare to see all that you are meant to be. As time grows near to my return there is much for you to learn and discern. Take heart to all I have said and seek only me to be spirit-led. For there are many things being falsely said so my sons and daughters will not recognize the time and all of the signs. When you seek me to repent and pray each day I will lead your way and steer you away from the false things they say. The enemy seeks to destroy you and all that I do for you. So you must understand who you are in me so you can step out in your purpose and be who you are called to be.

Your Heavenly Father

Scripture references:

Matthew 13, Book of Ezekiel, Jeremiah 51:55, Revelation 11:13, 14:8, 16:19, 18:2, 18:19, Isaiah 21:9


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  1. Madelyn

    Walk so closely with God you hear Him whisper strategic instructions and be quickly obedient in all things 24 / 7. Blood of Jesus on your doorposts! Thank You Lord for Your gift of Holy Spirit IN us. An Internet connection to God. A search engine into the DEEP things of God. I take great comfort in I AM the Architect of the Last Days. Believers have a distinct advantage. We’re not subject to plans and purposes of darkness. We’re subject to God’s plans and purposes. Chosen. For such a time as this. God looked all throughout time and history and picked NOW for us to be born at our exact address for His plans and purposes. He imparted armor and weapons needed for the battles coming our way. Each one’s different just like our fingerprints. Others will see and exclaim What a mighty God you serve! ALPHA OMEGA DELTA FORCE END TIME WARRIOR BRIDAL COMPANY reporting for duty.

  2. Barbara Nesbitt

    What is the “war of three”?


    Morgellons can affect anyone. If believers don’t wake up to where we are spiritually and physically they won’t be able to kill the nanobots inside ALL of us now. Boron needed daily. Nutritionally things we should and shouldn’t do. God’s Word instructions.

  4. Leah

    “ More viruses will come that will be used to test the faith of some while helping others to choose to follow me or deny thee. ”
    Choose to follow the Lord, or deny thee/you.. the writer who wrote this “word”?
    Easy choice.

    There are many things wrong with this “word” (majority isn’t scripturally sound) but I’ll keep my comment short for the sake of space.
    What “peace treaty”?
    Are you referencing Daniel… “ Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;“?
    A covenant is a promise/agreement, not necessarily a peace treaty.

    May 14, 2018, Donald Trump confirmed a covenant/promise, that was made in 1995
    (Jerusalem Embassy Act) by American politicians to “Christians” and Jews (many), to move the U.S embassy from
    Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (Declaring that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews).

    It boggles my mind, that it seems like none of the “Christians” who believe.. that the passage in Daniel was not fulfilled long ago, and that it is still a future event….did not even notice what happened in May 2018.
    Perhaps, it’s because they (the many),
    are waiting for another “peace treaty” to be signed. The nation of “Israel” has signed a few peace treaties over the last 71 years.

    After 9-11, U.S. citizens lost some of their rights, due to “the war on terror” (USA PATRIOT Act). A similar loss of freedoms/rights, took place in many other countries, around the same time.
    “The war on coronavirus” is causing a greater loss of freedoms/rights in many countries around the world.
    Certain “democracies” are even openly monitoring every move the citizens make via cellphones and computers… a “technology” that was developed to fight terrorisms and not to be used on its own citizens.
    Pastors in the U.S. are being arrested for having church gatherings of more than 10 people.
    In many states in the U.S. it is currently, technically illegal to protest… no groups greater than 10.
    Citizens are being arrested, jailed, and fined for not complying with the new laws.
    The global economy is sinking.. unemployment is rapidly growing.
    Why would the governments, the powers that be, want to crash the global economy?
    People are turning to the government to pay their bills and buy their food.
    Small business owners are receiving loans from the government.
    What happens when you don’t pay a loan back?

    God did not cause the coronavirus, it is a consequence of corrupted human behavior.
    Although He does tend to cause something positive to come out of a negative… “ God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

    The virus is real… the hype and chaos is absolutely orchestrated, by evil powers/governments… anyone with eyes or ears knows “what time it is.”

  5. David Mehew

    Barbara Nesbitt – Could the “war of three” be speaking of Russia, China, and the US? Seems these are the most prominent countries at this time.

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