One Accord – 278pikelk

One Accord – 278pikelk

Posted on September 7, 2018

My daughter, write My words for those with yours to hear. My children, many of you spend time in speculation, speculating on My perfect timing, looking at calendars and projecting what they gather to be My plan. I assure you, My children, things upon your earth are ramping up, as you can see the signs and birth pangs clearly now if you are awake. I am calling upon My own to do more now, more than just counting days from one sign to the next, more than just speculating what I might do and when. For, these dates you discern through your speculations may come and go, and where will you be then? As with times past when dates have come and gone, you will begin to reassess and recalculate. I do not frown upon this, My loves. I encourage your seeking, but here is My caveat. If these days ahead shall pass, coming and going without manifesting things you may be expecting or hoping for, I call now to all of My own who are awake. Place your blessed hope alone in Me. Place your blessed hope in what I accomplished for you on the cross. Place your blessed hope not in My timing or in your own speculation, for in this time I wish for nothing more than a unified body, a body in one accord with all ears hearing and all eyes seeing in unity as one, and remembering that no matter when My timing comes to pass, it is My timing, My perfect timing. Yes, it is My will that you research and educate those that are awakening, but you must first and foremost educate them as to who I am. Educate them in My promises. Educate them in the fact that escape is not their blessed hope, but I am the only blessed hope. So many cling to dates and days on calendars that are predicted by many. I see their hope put into dates. I see their eyes focused upon dates. Point your eyes to Me, My loves. Point them to Me. I wish for a united bride where the hearing ears and the seeing eyes are one with the beating heart within. I am that beating heart. The body of My bride must unify now, not in simply agreeing upon dates on a calendar. I wish for My bride to unify in body, her body that surrounds Me, her beating heart. Unify, My loves. Hear My voice in one Accord. See Me alone as your only blessed hope. Sing My praises in perfect harmony with one another. Your unity in Me is your supernatural strength and protection. You must put push aside anything dividing you. Live in My kingdom now. See with My eyes. Hear with My ears, and feel My heart beating inside of you, My bride. I am training you in righteousness. I am perfecting you so that when our wedding day arrives, you will be as one, beautifully unified and fully prepared to receive your Groom. I love you, My bride. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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