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Oh wicked nation – Steve Holmes

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Oh wicked nation

October 27, 2020 4:42 PM
Steve Holmes

Oh wicked nation, filled with contempt for all that is holy, righteous and just! Shall I not avenge the slaughter of human sacrifices of my unborn children? Shall I not hold you accountable for sin? Shall I not expose your nakedness oh harlot among nations? Shall I not avenge the lost lives, slavery and suffering you have exported abroad for your own wicked and selfish pleasure? Do you believe that you are beyond the grasp of accountability of the all mighty one who judges nations?

Babylon, Babylon, you are fallen to depths of depravity beyond that of every other nation from the beginning of time until now. My recompense shall be fire and destruction. I have warned you to repent yet you are blind to your own sins. I will no longer suffer this unholy apostasy of filth and vermin to continue to exist. I warned you in my word that your fate would be destruction by fire. Devastation unto utter destruction shall be your lot because you have utterly rejected me as YOUR KING and SAVIOR.

Vengeance is mine and I SHALL repay. You have stolen my children and sacrificed them to your gods of self. Did I not say that you shall have no other gods before me? Did I not say there are no other gods beside me? Who are you to exalt yourself above all other nations? Who are you to exalt yourselves in deciding who shall live and who shall die? Who are you to exalt yourselves above ME?! Am I alone not GOD ALMIGHTY? Does my word not say, “ALL MEN ARE MINE?!”

Behold, a rustling of leaves in the wind- I will send my justice and vengence upon you with a fury that dwarfs the mightiest of hurricanes! The winds of war have begun. You shall soon know the horrors of war upon your own shores as your enemies do to you what you have done to other nations in the name of greed and conquest.

Oh wicked nation of sinners who have rejected me, my word says, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” You, America, have fallen and become a habitation of demons. Shall I not avenge my holiness as you parade your children from house to house, glorifying those very demons? Shall I not give you over to your tormentors to have their way with you? What are you to me, oh mother of harlots and all detestable things upon the earth? Did I not say, “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there-of?” Who exalted you, oh vile, wretched harlots nation? Truly, your “god” is the enemy of all souls that I have created, even your own souls. You are defiled, unclean, wretched, pitiful, unredeemed and unrepentant.

The die is cast. Your destruction has begun. I shall remove my light, my grace and my mercy from your midst, for I shall no longer tolerate my holy name to be associated with you, America. Then all nations shall know that I alone am YAHWEH and beside me there is no other.

Surely your destruction shall swiftly come to pass says YAHWEH. Repent you lost souls! Repent you unclean nation! Repent you defiler of nations and souls! Repent you backsliders! Repent you luke warm! Repent you adulterers, whormongers and fornicators! Repent you druggers and drunks! Repent you pedophiles and thieves! Repent you lost generations while you still have breath! All men since Adam are accountable unto me and none shall escape my judgment. I have provided ONE way of salvation through the shed blood of my only begotten son, Jesus Christ. If you reject him I shall reject you and your eternal abode will be in eternal death suffering my wrath. I shall be vindicated in your utter demise before all, oh reprobate usurper of my name and glory. The looters come to steal all that you have stolen from nations. You utter poverty shall be evident to all. Prepare for your destruction and set your faces to be found righteous and holy before me. Those who do not shall suffer my devine wrath. Your days of unbridled partying are over, America. Your debauchery has exceeded my limits. I alone am God, and the living and the dead shall tremble at my presence and at my justice…saith God.



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