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Observe Pray Listen Fallen – Bette Stevens

Observe Pray Listen Fallen

Oct 12, 2021
Bette Stevens

Auto Generated Transcript

hello everyone and thank you for once
just stopping into a servant’s heart
i am here today to give you some
and a vision that i had actually an open
also to speak a little bit
than i did the last time in the last
video i am coming on here just as the
lord attracts me and
today is october the 12th of 2021 it
seems like the month again is going live
i want to first
ask the lord to bless this channel
to bless over everything that is said
that each person’s heart would be open
go to the spirit
and to reach out
test the spirits and
ask the spirit
if all of this is true
and that all words spoken are not from
me but from him
in jesus name
all right
i’m going to share with you
just something that another brother
and his wife actually had sent me and
i’m going to read it to you
i asked them if it would be all right
ask this brother if it’d be okay to
i’m not going to share a name or
anything like that
but i believe that it ties in very well
or at least it goes along with the same
lines with what i had spoken
in my last video
if you’ve not watched it or if you
missed it please check back it’s the
latest and the very last one i made a
few days ago
this is what um
my brother was given
be still
and know i am god
be still
and know
i am god
that’s what i heard this morning
so he had gotten us a few days ago
it was in my spirit that humanity
is way too noisy
satan’s plan is to amplify the great i
meaning i me myself
take notice
why are people fighting to be heard
humanity is stumbling over each other
each trying to stand out
the affinity to be great
to make their mark is reaching epic
like no time in history
false prophets are everywhere
opinions are more important than truth
it is said each man’s truth is his own
lies are thicker than a swarm of bees
books and social media promotes self
is good and good has become evil
moral decay has become the theme song
fathers are rare
replaced by authoritarian feminists
the breakdown of family produces lost
religion and insincerity has all but
replaced relationship
and worship
of the most high god
in spirit and in truth
eyes eyes
whoa whoa whoa man this is awesome i’m
getting it in my spirit
the passion the fire is rising
this is sinking in
folks i hope this is sinking in
moral decay has become
the theme song
fathers are rare
replaced by authoritarian feminists are
you hearing
the breakdown of family produces
lost children
and insincerity has all but replaced
and worship of the most high god in
spirit and truth
eyes have been darkened
so they no longer see
mankind stumbles around in a blind
because they have forsaken their own
are confused and
do not know who they are
reprobate minds are in leadership
from the top to the bottom in all
branches of government
murder is allowed while the trivial and
petty is punished
holiness and righteousness are mocked
aaron dust markets are all but dust
replaced by greed and manipulation
integrity is as rare as precious stones
conviction has been lost to
conformity has replaced individualism
and strength of character
oh babylon
babylon the great has fallen
hath fallen
brothers and sisters and folks out there
we are in the lateness of the hour
this pretty much
brought a fire in me when i read it
because it so much correlates along the
lines of the last video
that i may
it’s this applies to all of us
there is way too much
internet wi-fi cell phones
trying to find resources
and as i’ve always said there must be a
a balance a moderation
yes we like the research and we should
yes yes
and we need
to know
and keep knowing
whatever is going on to a certain extent
but now all we’re hearing is opinions
news channels trivia
everyone haven’t gonna have the last
word or the last video or
because you don’t agree with someone
and when the truth is in front of you
you still reject it
many reject the truth the truth is in
front of them and they’ll step in and
take the lie
all i can say
is may god help us
and now i’m going and that is all i’m
going to say
to what the spirit is saying in this
i am having some difficulties pardon me
i have had
oh my gosh i’m not supposed to put this
video up is that it
i’ve had a lot of difficulty today and a
lot of attacks i’m telling you
the spotlight is to be on satan the more
that we
walk into all these things
the more satan
is getting his yes it is about me myself
and i yes
as this word from the brother came and a
good word
it is for all of us
truth spoken
but more than that satan
wants the spotlight on him
as much as we need to know that’s all we
just need to know as we need to know
and i think by now
we pretty much know
a lot of things
i’m going to
tell you now
that the fallen angels are out here
amongst us
they are walking amongst us
they are
infiltrating and taking over
humans right now as we speak
they are coming in to churches
families schools
you name it they are coming in
as regular human beings because
that’s what they need as a body
many people are not recognizing
that they are
and they can wreak havoc
on anything
on families on churches on ministries
ongoing and on and on it goes
there are certain things you need to be
aware of also
in regard to fallen angels
and to there are certain things you need
to do in regards spiritual warfare and i
know right now
that many are not doing spiritual
warfare have no idea how to do it
and the evil they’re here
they’re around us they’re in us and
they’re testing and they’re tricking
and they’re enticing and they’re
flattering and in the end
the bottom line is everybody said this
is my brother and sister they just want
to help
of course they want to help
that’s how they get a foot in the door
we want to help
what is christianity about helping one
another helping others that are less
fortunate help help
what help
the next thing they like flattery oh
it’s wonderful
so great you guys are wonderful oh i
know you like to help this is great so
do i
do you not realize that fallen angels
will speak
because satan knows the bible even
better than we do these fallen ones have
been actually trained
to know how to speak to sound good so
that that
god’s people can be deceived
and they’re infiltrating
all around
not just locally but all around the
world they’re infiltrating
and they try to come in
through helps
through flattery
through money
through finances whatever they can get
through time they want to give in in
with you
or whatever it may be
so i’m just warning
they are here you need to know what kind
of spiritual warfare you should be doing
if you’re doing any at all
go to the spirit of god
there’s a lot at stake here and again
i’m saying it is a spiritual battle you
one of the things that the lord has
shown me and i’ve known this for quite a
and i’m let me say here right now i’m
not saying i know everything or i’ve
arrived because i don’t but i am going
to stay humble because i need to be keep
being moved forward being taught
carrying on the things that come
that god wants me to do
oh i’m telling you i don’t know what it
what it is but i’m being attacked by
something here
i don’t know what it is
what’s going on but it’s something all
i’m sorry folks it’s just
i am going to continue this
so anyway
i just want to give you a heads up
you know
there’s so much out there
going on
the internet isn’t it
we need to be getting
in touch
excuse me we need a beginning in touch
and in sync with the spirit of god and
the lord himself
finding out what it is he wants from us
and finding out where we need to be
but i’m telling you
there’s not a lot of discernment in the
body of christ and i’m not telling you
this from me
all that i’m telling you is coming from
the holy spirit and what the lord has
told me to speak
there needs to be a lot of disciplining
of the mind
the body our words that come out were so
quick to type and write and everything
have no idea even
and sometimes some of these things are
going to come back and bounce back on
because they were of satan and some
people are not even aware
of demons they’re not aware of fallen
ones that are attacking
because they’re not pumped
so i’m just saying
one of the biggest things the lord has
told me
and i’m going to reiterate it here time
and time again
be careful
who you align with
not everybody that says i’m your brother
i’m your sister i want to help i think
you’re great i’ve heard from the lord i
want to be where you are so i can help
stop it
take a step back
and say really
is this from you lord really
are you looking at the fruit or are you
just saying well there’s good in
everybody and so what
everybody’s my brother and my sister
well i’m going to tell you something
they’re not
and i’ve learned that over the years and
i’m going to tell you something
something i’ve spoken over and over and
over again just because something sounds
looks spiritual
and has god’s name attached to it does
not necessarily mean
god’s in it
no discernment
and no good will come of it i will tell
you that because you reap what you sow
these are things i’ve had to go through
my husband and i ministered years ago
and we still want to make sure that we
stay teachable
and pass on the knowledge to teach
i don’t want to see somebody fall
oh hallelujah
all right he wants me to get to the
vision that’s enough i’m not going to
say anything more you know who you are
you know who you are
all right this is an open vision quickly
a quick slash vision
and i’m going to read it
i was sitting here thinking about
basically and then thinking about
everything thinking over things just
while i was observing
i i just was i was traumatized and i’ve
i’ve since calmed down
let me see if i’ve got some notes here
yes yes
praise god
today it’s just been a wonderful day in
spite of all the
mishaps and attacks but here it is
all of a sudden and i was
with my eyes open and i know i was aware
but i was so like in the distance i was
in it i was in this vision
and all of a sudden it opened up
and again i’ve only seen this one other
i’ve seen jesus christ yeshua hamashiach
and his fourth power of glory oh how
oh how beautiful righteous
righteous he was standing righteous
next to a table with a book on it
righteous he stood
how else can i describing garments so
his face
standing out rigored righteous
he stood
with a sword
by his side
his right side
and this is what he
said i am coming soon
some will go home with me
some will go into
and as he then
standing by the table he lifted up a big
which is the holy bible
and he said that this is what he will be
judging the people by
his holy word his holy word
and then that was a that was the end of
the vision
le and i’m gonna tell you
i was mesmerized i was like it was just
yeah there it just came unexpectedly
and with all the things else going on
it came
unexpectedly and then the scripture came
into my spirit and i need to read this
to you
god is so good
that he lets us know
i’m going to read from the king james
real quick
luke 17 20
luke 17 20
and when he was demanded of the
when the kingdom of god should come
he answered them and said
the kingdom of god cometh
with observation
when he was demanded of the pharisees
when the kingdom of god should come
he answered them and said
the kingdom of god cometh not
with observation
and i’m going to leave that for you to
study on your own
you know so many times we’ve been told
to make sure we’re vigilant about
but now
the lord is speaking another word
observe be observant
that means step back
and instead of
getting engrossed in everything
in the world and what’s going on step
back and be observant be quiet
don’t speak be silent for a change and
observe everything around you that’s
going on
observe what’s
what the spirit is saying in this hour
be an observer
be observant
in all things
all right saints people of god brothers
and sisters
shalom shalom
and until the next time i bless you

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