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Tess Ann Macallister


Obedience and being in my will

Dear Lord Jesus do you have message for us today ?

Yes daughter I do. I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh.This is Yahushua Hamasiach speaking. It is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day . Daughter I want to address my bride and children today not the lukewarm, false prophets unbelieving etc WHO WILL GO TO HELL!!!. This message is for my true servants my holy remnant. I would like to address the issue of Obedience to my commandments and being in my will. This is very important. My children my bride, you must be obedient to all 10 commandments and must present yourselves as living sacrifices consecrated and holy and pleasing to me. You must treat your body, heart, soul, spirit, and mind as a temple for my Holy Spirit. It is time to empty yourselves of everything that is not of me. It is time to do some personal soul searching with me. Most of my children do not pursue me, read their bibles, pray, repent, worship, and are disobedient to all of my commandments and laws. I say in my book unless your righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees you shall In no wise or way enter the kingdom of heaven!!! This is why they are considered lukewarm and lost. Ye cannot serve two masters. Children, you need to get on your knees and ask me what is my will for you. I want a full surrender not surrendering then going right back to the same sin the next day. I require total obedience to my commandments all the time I require holiness and for you to be in my will every day I can’t accept a lukewarm surrender. My remnant knows this. BE HOLY FOR I AM HOLY!!!! Without holiness no one will see me or the Father . Children where do you want to spend eternity? Holiness is essential to obeying my commandments. Holiness leads to obedience. I require you also to know my book The Bible. Do not claim to know me if you do not know my word. My remnant bride you will be greatly rewarded for your obedience. I know this is not a feel good carnal flesh tickle the ears kind of message but this is how I am. I AM A HOLY GOD AND I DO NOT TOLERATE SIN. Repent daily. Be an obedient servant. Disobedience will lead to an eternity in hell. Obedience holiness and repentance and having a personal relationship with me will lead to eternity in heaven. Choose this day he shall serve choose wisely – Yeshua Hamsiach Faithful and righteous king

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  1. Dainy

    Hi Sister Tess,

    You mentioned that you are only saved if you are baptized not only with water but by the Holy Spirit. I believe I have the Holy Spirit inside me, but being baptized only by water. Can you explain? And give me a verse to confirm.

    Thank you in advance


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