Dream, Obama

Obama Dream – Michelle Assadi-Watson

Michelle Assadi-Watson

3 PARTS relevant to those with ears to hear.

1. I went in a store. There were dream catchers, incense, and lots and lots of glass owls, many sizes and varieties… I dont know. I just know they have occultic significance.

2. I am riding with zack around some average American town near malls shopping etc. Not an urban area….
I notice a car following us with #23 in a circle.
I knew they were from govt but they were not police and they were just monitoring us.

3. We are in a line like a procession of cars .People are riding by a statue and admiring and praising it. When we get to spot beside the statue the indignation becomes too great.
I begin screaming at the top of my lungs
People look at me strange but do not join me or stop me.

The statue being worshipped….
About 10 feet tall made of bronze. looking like ears and eyes were slightly demonic.
Yep you know it…

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  1. Catherine

    So many are concentrating on Obama and don’t see, what Trump is really doing. I found this comment of a brother in http://www.lindseywilliams.net:
    Radu says:
    January 26, 2019 at 1:23 pm
    I said it from the beginning, Trump was not about fixing anything, but rather he was the “enabler”. The clown (and i used this specific description way back) is there to stir up a revolution against the elite and usher in the new blockchain based financial and political order under the meme of “liberating the people” from under the rule of the “evil elite”. In the meantime the US public debt has skyrocketed to 22 trillion …

    The first two years were about contrasting “the good guys” from the “bad guys”. Now that all the actors are in place, and people have been “educated” on who the good guys and who the bad guys are, it is time to stir things up …

    Quote from the article:

    “First, a brief comment about the border wall: All of the drama regarding a partial government shutdown and incessant public theater by actors from both political parties is quite nauseating. Republicans had control of both houses of Congress and the White House for two years. Why wasn’t money appropriated for the wall then? Why was there no government shutdown over the lack of funding for the border wall then? Why wait until Democrats take over the House to shut down (partially) the federal government and threaten to declare a State of National Emergency?
    Forgive me, but this stinks to high heaven. This is nothing but smoke and mirrors. All of the high profile theatrics over the border wall is the biggest distraction to envelop our country in quite a spell. While everyone is fighting over the wall, some very serious attacks against our liberties are being waged almost without notice. And all of the hullabaloo over the wall is completely covering up Trump’s failure to carry out the rest of his campaign promises—and the fact that Trump himself has often worked in direct opposition to many of his campaign promises.”

    “We all know—at least believed—that Trump was not an establishment insider. We all know that Trump promised to “drain the swamp,” dramatically reduce America’s out-of-control deficit spending, protect the Second Amendment, get America out of its endless foreign wars, terminate taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, overturn Roe v Wade and build a wall on our southern border—that Mexico would pay for—in order to stop the flow of illegal immigration into America.

    Now, after two full years of a Donald Trump administration in which he enjoyed both houses of Congress being held by fellow Republicans, we all know (and if we don’t, it’s because we don’t WANT to know) that none of the above has happened. Yet, Christians and conservatives by the millions continue to make excuses for this faker.”


  2. Dave from Delaware

    Yes, America has been under a spell for some time. I see it in the youth and their lack of discipline and wisdom (most, not all). Trump was picked by God to be the demise of America, and americans are as oblivious as they were when BHO was “elected” by his masters. I’ve heard Trump loves money, and I personally believe that he has passed a point at which he could have turned his life and purpose around and helped this country. Firstly, it would be necessary to unite the good, decent, hard working people and grant them their voice that has been silenced by a bought media, politicians, and business leaders. These want only more of their pleasure and luxurious lifestyles, their arrogance and haughty attitudes showing how they disdain all things good and decent. What more could mankind’s enemy ask for?

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