O Lord Please Heal Me! – Ruth Johnson


O Lord Please Heal Me!

January 12, 2022 4:04 PM
Ruth Johnson

I am sick
O Lord please heal me
Please let me know
You are still near
I fight infection
I need direction
I ask You Lord
For am in fear.

O my Lord
My teeth are rotting
No matter what
I try to do
O my Lord
Nothing is working
And now my God
I come to You.

For I am told
You are the Healer
You are the Only
One Who can
O my Lord, please forgive me
For I see now
I must repent

For I did not
Seek You first
Now my body
Feels cursed
I am so sorry
Please forgive me
I’m on my knees
Begging Thee!

We have been told
Go see a doctor
But what they do
Is make us worse
They take our money
We could buy food with
Now, my God, I put You first
For I have seen
With my own eyes
We have been fed
A pack of lies
We are all wasted
We have not tasted
The healing trees
Up in Your skies.

O my Lord, this earth is toxic
Sickness reigns
Attacks our brains
We are deluded
You are not included
When we make
Our healthcare plans

O my Lord, please forgive me
I come in late
To Your Great Table
Please do not turn
Me away
For at Your feet
I need to lay
For my Lord
I cannot eat now
My mouth is sore
My body ill
I beg You Lord
Will You please heal me
If it be
In Your Will?

I give up
On worldly cures
For I know now
They want to kill me
And work on it
For years and years
I thought they cared
But they do not
And I am scared
Please tell me what
I need to do
I cry to You
Before my time
On earth is through

O my Lord, I will not stray
Within Your Care
I long to stay
Please do not hold
It against me
It took so long
For me to say
I am sick
O Lord please heal me
I finally come
To You today

2 Kings 20:1-8


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