Not Your Home – Ruth Johnson

Not Your Home

Nov 29, 2019 12:57 AM
Ruth Johnson


O, my Lord, I love Thee
And want to understand
How so many people
Do not want the Promised Land?
But prefer a world of drudgery and filth,
Working for the demons
And worrying about their health!?
Get up in the morning, get yourself to work,
Work all day for not quite enough pay
There goes another day,
Not much time to play.
The skies are getting darker now,
The end is right around the bend,
Not much time to barter,
Even less to pretend
We hold our destinies tight in our hands.
But we do not truly own them,
They all belong to You, to Thee, Lord,
And we will be shown this when we are through
With our time on this earth, and we face You,
The Judge, The Creator, will go over it with you.
Our true destiny lies in one of two places
Depending upon what we did with our lives.
Did we choose to serve The Sovereign Creator?
Or did we embrace the prince of lies?
Oh no! We might cry! We did not follow that one!
We would never do that!
Well, He might say, you did not follow Me.
But! We might counter, we lived a good life!
We did not murder and steal and lie!
We went to church, off and on,
And prayed before a meal!!!
You went to a church where I Was not there,
Mere pretenders who did not care
Enough to teach My Word.
You would have known this if you
Would have studied My Word.
You prayed on Thanksgiving, but not you,
You had the youngest child say grace,
Because that is just so cute.
You did not cry out to Me
When alone in the night,
You took a sleeping pill if you had a fright,
You took anxiety pills if you were depressed,
Called the police if in distress.
What Am I to do?
You are a stranger at My door!
One I sent My Precious Son
To suffer and die for?
To open up the path that leads straight to Me?
You came on your own,
This is not your Home.


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