February 16, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

By My stripes you were healed.
The clock has ticked to 12, Children.
The godless will run to and fro…
Those that hate their Creator God, and the Law of the Land, will be like wild animals, starved and enraged.

Do Not Take Up Arms!
Do Not Riot!
Do Not Protest!
Do Not Pillage!

You will witness Psalm 91 all around you.
By a small Flame that appears in front of you, I AM will lead you to your Refuge.
If you wait to respond, you are lost!
You will be left behind!
You will be left to your own devises!
The small Flame is your Guardian Angel.
Those that scoff at this Now, will be prey to satan’s fears and doubts, when it happens.
He who hesitates is lost!

Consider, come to I AM to confirm.
Be Silent!
I AM your Master!
Your opinions are so much dust, in the wind.
I AM will blow them to the far reaches of the Universe!

Are you ready to leave all this world behind?
You will never regret, to come into My Arms Children.

The Eternal ONE!


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  2. Marc

    Just a note, I believe the word of God fully.
    And we are not to attack, harm, murder, rob, etc…anyone else.
    Here’s my focus, like you said psalms of praise…91….were written by David who was enabled by God to help others…how?
    Killing EVIL men like goliath, by first his declaring that God would defeat him, then volunteering to fight evil physically, both actions done are key’s to understanding in these end times unfolding…how to act.
    We can fight evil physically.
    Not done in fear.
    Not done in anger.
    Not done in panic mode.
    But to save those people God will bring into our pathway, who are hurt, under attack like a rape, a beat down, especially the children and elderly people of Christ., or could become the little one’s of God…if saved from preempted death’s…ok
    Those who say no way, then really read psalms 91, it talks about a right arm of safety, that’s the weapon fighting arm.
    Also trampling evil underfoot physically.
    Don’t forget David was the Apple of God’s eye’s and covered in human blood, his whole life, why didn’t he just pray about deliverance???
    Wait on God to help others.
    Because David was used, just like some in these end times unfolding…will be.
    Pacifist believers are easy targets, it’s not scripture, but ideology from men’s doctrines to kneel down to authority, pushed by the King James version writings to protect the Crown…from his subject’s.
    Amen Christ Jesus.

  3. Susan Elizabeth

    100% YES I agree Rapture Angel

    I have been messaging this one out for that very reason I felt the same thing when I read it!!!

    It’s a perfect thing to message or email everyone you know….even lukewarm believers…with a little note about the coming deception when the judgments hit and to draw very close to Jesus in that deep, deep place in their hearts to hear Him alone and not to look to the world or even the church in that time but only to Him.

    This is what I have been writing and sending out with this link to all those who claim His name. Then writing them all down on my prayer white board to pray in tounges over daily.

    They WILL NOT forget this message it will be planted deeply in their spirit and God will use it mightily to draw them to Him when the seperation and Exodus time comes.

    Glory to God!!! Get this one out!!!

  4. Susan Elizabeth

    To all my sisters in Christ as I will never take authority over or teach a man…..

    David was so SURROUNDED by God’s presence when Saul was chasing him so much so that Saul would break out into worship himself if he even came close to David

    This is how it will be for God’s people in this time

    Especially his daughters

    The Glory Pillar Zech 2:5 wall of WORSHIP is our Psalm 91

    We walk by faith and not by sight.

    We stand on The Word and rest in Jesus who is our defender

    We are as the holy women of old who trusted in their husbands like Sarah did who called Abaraham her lord and master.

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