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No more delay

Feb 24, 2020 9:01 PM
JeBryan J.


“The sands of the hour glass…only a few remain…time is almost up- it is nearly wasted. Great revelation soon comes to all. I Am revealing many things to those who will see, who are hungry, to those who will turn. Things in nature, things that will shake, things that will turn heads and leave many confounded unless they will turn to Me. A great releasing is at hand, of My Spirit AND of wickedness. Many who are hardened shall continue to harden, those who are still soft will find their way in Me.

Even now the ground shakes with rumblings, even now the air is infused with war in the Spirit- Satan will SOON be thrown down completely out of the heavenlies and comes in great wrath to deceive and consume and move with great rage and fury. But I moving as well- My Plan is hidden from him, hidden from the enemy of your souls for I Am positioning each of My faithful ones who have kept their lamps burning, with oil extra around their necks in hopeful expectation of Me. I Am moving them and bringing each to their appointed place for this time. I Am gently blowing the dust of weariness off of them and replacing it with a strength that is almost unnoticed as it settles upon them to replace the woundedness and the brokenness that has been their constant companions for many, many seasons. Soon My chosen ones will suddenly see how strong they are in Me as I come to shine My light upon them to awaken them fully. Soon My army arises in great strength to astonish the enemy and deal great and terrible damage to his ranks.

Get ready and prepare yourselves to lead- those who will suddenly be brought in. For My gifts will be thrown out in willing and humble hearts- planted like seeds and will come to bear fruit faster than ever before.

I will bind and unify My Body like never before, divine appointments will abound. Deep kinships I will bring about and sow over night. Clear and powerful direction will flow like a river from My Holy Spirit and confusion and doubt will be no more for those who have diligently sought Me.

As chaos and fear rains down and abounds in the streets upon those who have turned their backs to Me, I will gently lead My own like a shepherd leads His flock safely and calmly through a sudden storm.
I Am coming to remove all fear. I Am coming to remove all uncertainty, I Am coming to remove all things that remain as a hindrance to all who are seeking Me in this hour.

No more delay, no more delay, no more delay, for the fullness of time has come…”

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