No Hope For Us? – Ruth Johnson

No Hope For Us?

August 22, 2021 3:59 AM
Ruth Johnson

Is there no hope
For us?
We cannot go on
Like this.
There has to be a change,
This world is way too strange
As is.
There is no time
To think,
A whole new rhyme
In the blink
Of an eye!
Oh! Should I cry?
Or scream?
Or simply hang my head?
For when I sleep
And dream
The nightmares storm
My bed.
I wake up tired
And seem
To be filled with dread.
We cannot go on like this
Or we will wind up dead.
What then?
Killing time is near,
The weapons are amassed,
The troops becoming clear,
The fog dissipating fast.
Soon soldiers on the march
Will be seiging every gate.
We will be trapped like rats,
Overrun by pent up hate.
Nowhere left to run,
No place we can hide.
There is scarce hope for us
When those four horsemen ride.
We will starve,
There will be war,
The living dark
Outside our door,
The pestilence
That roams at night
Seeping through
The cracks and pores.
We long for light,
We will be scared,
Without our sight
We cannot move.
What are our odds?
Not looking good.
We would escape
If we could,
But the opportunity is gone,
And what we should
Have done before
Is kneel down
Upon our floor
And prayed to God
Who made us all
To hold us up,
Not let us fall.
Now we are here,
Our situation
Painfully clear,
There is no hope
For us
Without Him near
To us.
You shunned His Name,
Would not repent,
Now our time on earth
Is nearly spent.
How will that be
When it is through,
No hope for me
To be with you?
For I did see,
Yes I did know
The course this world
Was going to go.
I prayed for you,
I did not quit,
You laughed at me,
The village idiot.
Well now you see,
And now you know
The hope did flee
For you and me.
My destiny awaits,
My Lord is at my gate,
I will not make Him wait.
It bereaves me
You did not believe me,
But for now we are through,
I bid you adieu.

Adieu; a French word meaning goodbye, farewell: Literally; “to God I commend you”.

Commend; to express a favorable opinion of. To entrust.



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