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New Pandemic: Ebola / Big wave washing away houses – AJ


New Pandemic: Ebola / Big wave washing away houses

July 26, 2020 9:42 PM

Hello children of God.

As I write this, I’m deeply distressed because of the dream I just had. It’s 4:42 am EAT. I will summarize and write down the main facts.

In the first I was at a local hospital. There were so many people mostly women and children waiting sitting outside on benches. A new disease had broken out. It was causing people to bleed from the eyes, ears, nose and mouths. It was like ebola. I my self was waiting to go in and then a nurse started handing out patient cards to fill out. Before this I was at school in an ongoing class and it appeared as if something was wrong with me that caused alarm. The teacher was angry and grabbed hold of me and sent me home.

The second dream is very terrifying. I had it twice.

I live on a hill and standing in the front yard of the house you can see a valley with lots of houses going up to the horizon. At the base of the valley there is a highway road that stretches to the end of the horizon.

Now I was standing at the balcony with my family and we saw a big storm coming from the horizon and it had tornadoes on top of what appeared to be a big wave. (Like the Exodus movie).

The wave started washing away houses making it’s way down the valley and then uphill to where our house is. The waters covered the entire valley and it looked like a lake when it settled. Our house wasn’t destroyed but it was flooded so i fell down on my back and started crying out to God and praying in tongues because of the horror that we just saw.
The dream came again and this time when I saw the wave we all run to the back of the house to prepare and told everyone to grab an empty jerrican so that we could stay afloat when another wave came.

May God have mercy on us.



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