Never Alone – Terri Hennessey


Never Alone

November 23, 2021 2:10 PM
Terri Hennessey

We need not seek any revenge
On those who hurt and prey

Who taunt and lash with wicked words
Fierce anger their tongues do slay

You shall not live, you ought to feel pain
Your hand will not reap what it longs to gain

He hears our hearts, we long not to repay
Yet pray that our rival part those led astray

For we do not carry our crosses alone
Our burdens have never been only our own

He avenges, He hears, Our Father endures
Seeking Our justice, providing the cures

He keeps us from evil, from avenging our own
Remedy proclaimed from the midst of His Throne

See the enemy is indeed our friend
With kindness, stiff hearts, He’ll soften and mend

Healing the broken, He binds them up
Forgiveness and love unchaining their cup

Lean on the Father, Our Chief Cornerstone For in the thick of our battles we are never alone


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