MY TREE – Ruth Johnson

My Tree

Nov 1, 2019, 11:50 AM
Poem from Jesus
by Ruth Johnson

I was not born on Christmas morn
I was born in Spring!
Tammuz was born that day
Son of Nimrod, the king.

Nimrod was a human
His wife evil spawn
Faked immaculate conception,
Birthed a son on Christmas morn.

She christened him a god,
Vowed he’d live forevermore,
Kept the farce alive
Since B.C. five.

You remember Nimrod,
He built the Tower of Babel.
Because of him,
You people were scattered
Into different language lands,
So when you tried to
Pass on evil secrets,
Few would understand.

Our Father has protected many
In the earthly promised land,
But in this time
Of the end,
Too few are in His hands!

I did not leave the tomb on Easter,
That is Ishtar’s day!
Artemis did the birthday cakes.
You never knew the day I was born,
Or the day I left the tomb!

In a nutshell, you do not honor
The Father or the Son,
By celebrating false god’s births
And nodding to the ones
Who lie to you people,
Say it’s just for fun,
But all the while bowing
To the evil one.

Be careful what you celebrate
Know what you are doing,
Is a once a year party
Worth missing heaven?

The demons have tricked you,
Fed you a bunch of fruitcake,
Too much rum,
Too much heartache.

You want to take a break!
I do understand
Spend some time
In a promised land,
But please don’t fall for theirs!

You enter theirs
By descending stairs,
Stairs that don’t go up.
A windowless cel awaits you there,
If you drink from their
Dungy cup.

The wine they serve
Won’t make you merry,
It will make you ill.
Whatever you do,
If you tarry,
Do not swallow their pill!

They are out to get you
To worship their god Satan
And making it look good,
Making it look fun.

So you think it’s ok
To adorn a tree
With lights and things,
Go to church where the choir sings,
All for you, Lord,
All for Thee!

I ask you,
Why did you kill my tree?

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