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“My Son’s Bride will be the light shining through the darkness and chaos leading people to My Son Yeshua” – Wendi Lee

Wendi Lee
I received this Word from Father God Yahweh at 10:25 am on 20 February 2016:
Daughter of Mine Own Heart, and My Son’s Heart, write My Terrifying Words for all of the children of the earth to hear and to fear:
Children of the earth, you have failed to hearken to My, JEHOVAH God’s Voice , you have shunned My Holy Prophets for this time period. I have put out all the alarms now that My Righteous Judgment is on the way. I will now let you know a bit of what is to occur. Your enemy, America, is sitting in the white house. He has made backroom deals in order to bring you down. President Obama is the antichrist, and he will be revealing himself to be as such very soon now. Then there is the vile pope, who is not of Me, JEHOVAH God. He is the false prophet who will cause people to make an image of the beast. Let those who have ears hear. My judgment is going to be the prelude to the final birth pains on this land. It is going to begin the worst era of horrifying events that My Children have ever heard of or seen. Combine drought, famine, wars, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fire coming down from My Heavenlies, and you still won’t have a complete picture of what is coming forth now. Then as we go into the finality of the birth pains, you will begin to see more of the supernatural here on earth. My Son’s Bride will be the light shining through the darkness and chaos leading people to My Son Yeshua. I cannot express it enough, My People of earth, all of this, My Judgment, the final birth pains, and the tribulation is to bring hearts to Me for all of eternity. Pay attention to all that I AM having My Messengers put out from Me, The Great I AM. I have given My Daughter many visions that she will be telling you with the Messages I give her today. Take heed to these visions, My Children, for it is telling you what to expect in times coming up, God’s warnings are almost over, My Children. These warnings will also serve as a guideline for My Children who will be left behind, as they will see these in order to help them know Who I AM, and what I AM against. I, JEHOVAH God will be giving out vital instructions for these last hours to My Messengers. My Son’s Faithful, you are in My Hands, do not worry, fret, or panic; these are not of Me. I will give you peace that quiets all of the storms.Father God Yahweh Elohim Eternal, The Great I AM! Has spoken!


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