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Moving Through The Levels – Ranteba Piete

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Moving Through The Levels

December 7, 2022
Ranteba Piete

Degrees of Demonic Oppression

1. Thought Life
2. Decision to Sin
3. Habitual Sin
4. Loss of Control
5. Demonic Bondage
6. Demonic Infestation
7. Possession

Building Strongholds

1. Sin (such as fear of something)
2. Sin Habit Forms (fearful of various things)
3. Stronghold (Sin Tumor) (fearful of many things)
4. Strongman in the Stronghold (Bondage) (fearful of everything)
5. Soul: Mind, Will, Memories, Emotions (fear now a part of personality)
6. Fragmented Soul: Personality is fragmented and has demonic strongholds.
7. The Three C’s: Cleanse Yourself Of Sin, Crucify The Flesh, and Cast Out
Demons (saying of David Alsobrook). It won’t work any other way.

Degrees of Possession

1. Fiery Darts: Flesh – World – Evil Supernaturalism
2. Mild Oppression
3. Oppression
4. Mild Demonization
5. Severe Demonization
6. Possession impossible for Christians
7. Perfect Possession (nobody home?)
8. The Christian can not be totally possessed but can be severely demonized. This means that an area or areas of the person can be possessed. A common example is an alcoholic who can not control their addiction to drinking.

Spirit, Soul And Body

1. We are a spirit that lives within a body that has a soul.
2. We are tempted by lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life.
3. We have external sin pressure and demonic pressure.
4. Our spirit is sealed by the Blood Of The Lamb.
5. We resist the temptations that come against us by our will and the help of The Holy Spirit.

God’s Lines Of Defence For His Children

1. Fiery Dart From Satan
2. Pastoral Covering
3. Headship Covering (Usually Husband or Father)
4. Personal Shield of Faith
5. Christian
6. In other words, children are covered by their parents, wife is covered by her husband, husband is covered by the Holy Spirit who communicates with Jesus Christ and Almighty God (divine order).
7. In the church, the congregation is covered by the pastor (under shepherd) who is covered by Jesus Christ (The Shepherd).
8. The pastor does not replace the husband and father. Each has their duties to perform.
9. Finally, our covering is a function of our personal faith and trust in God.

Moving Through The Levels

1. Pray
2. Teach / Preparation
3. Reaffirm Commitment
4. Break Generational Sin
5. Shut Personal Sin Doors
6. Break Ungodly Ties
7. Ever A Psychic?
8. Cut Spirit / Soul ties. Renounce Spirit of Divination. Purge Spirit, Soul and Body.
9. Proceed To Emotional Healing.
10. In other words, determine the bondage, get right with God, break demonic ties,
cast out demons, and pray for healing. Change your way of thinking and acting; go
and sin no more.

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