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More viruses ahead, This is only a trial run – Melissa Hall

More viruses ahead, This is only a trial run

March 11, 2020
Melissa Hall

I received this message from the Lord to share with you today.


Many are in fear of this Coronavirus, My child. They have put their trust in man instead of Me. Can I protect you? Would I protect you? The answer to both of these questions is Yes. The Ones who are Mine are protected. I will protect My children and their children’s children up unto the 3rd generation. I will even protect your cousins and your aunts and uncles. Your parents and your grandparents. Each must come to Me to see who is protected and who is not. This conversation for is Me and you My little ones. I know you are scared. I know many are rushing out for provisions in case they are held up in their homes. If I ask you to do this. Then good. But if I haven’t then I ask you, “why have you not come to Me with these questions and this fear that has overtaken you?” Are you afraid that you won’t like the answer? Or are you afraid that somehow this virus is too big for Me to handle or that I simply won’t protect you?

I ask you today My children. Is your trust in man or Me? Is your trust in stocking up on all these supplies or Me? Is your trust in the news and the media or Me?
I know it’s scary My little ones. The enemy loves to bring fear to My children. But I am a Big Big God and I promise to take care of you. I will not let anyone or anything harm you. I will lead you thru the wilderness just as I did My Israelites. I will feed you with manna from Heaven. And give you water from the streams to drink. Don’t you think I could take your one jug of water and turn it into twenty? What about the loaves of Bread you have or even your rice and your beans? Don’t you think I could multiply that to keep feeding your household and more? Could I start a fire for you to cook your meals with or even purify your water? These times are trying My children. It all depends upon your faith in Me and what you believe I can do.
Will you trust Me with your lives and even the lives of your little ones? If you give them to Me. If you entrust these to Me then I promise to take care of you and them. I will not fail you. I do not disappoint. So I ask you today to let down that fear. It is not yours and was not sent by Me. It was sent by the enemy to cause discord and to divide.

Do not worry if someone else got the last of the toilet paper? Or what if there is no sanitizer left? Do not let this fear fill you and take control over every decision you make. Come to Me My children. Ask of Me. And I will show you what I want you to do. Yes I bring messages from My Messengers to warn My little children of danger ahead and I give them instructions to give out. But didn’t I ask each of you to come to Me with everything you see or hear and ask of it My truth?
The watchmen warn. The messengers write. And My prophets and prophetesses speak. But are they man? Yes. Could they ever be in error? Or even missing a part of My puzzle ? Yes. This does not make them false. But it’s vitally important to come to Me before entrusting you and your family to another.

I am coming to you today and asking My daughter today to share My words with you. I see many are in fear. There is confusion and misunderstanding over this whole thing. So many different messages over this. So many videos floating all over your networks and media. Yes, it’s good to be informed of these things. But if it makes you fearful and panicked then don’t. Stay away from those sources and instead come to Me. Let Me give you peace. Let Me comfort and take away those worries and cares about this whole thing.

There will be more viruses ahead. Worst ones then these. This is only a trial run.
Didn’t I say there is worst to come? But I will protect you from this one and I will protect you from the next and the next. Does the enemy win over you in these things or do I have the final say? Remember even they cannot step over any boundaries I create. And they know who is off limits and who isn’t. The devil may have the power over the air. But I am the One who holds the whole universe. And I am the one who sent him there to begin with. I am the Alpha. I am the Omega. I am the Beginning and I am the End. I am the One who decides who lives or dies. No one else. Me. And Only Me. I am the One who holds your lives in My Hand. So shouldn’t I be the First One you come running to for answers?

My children. Do not Fear. But Trust in Me. This time can be used to share with the ones who are fearful about Me. This can be the perfect time to plant some seeds.
You can tell them that you serve a God who will protect them and their families.
The devil meant this for bad. But will you turn it around for good?

I love you My children. I have great plans for all of you. Remember it’s not over until I say it’s over. Keep pressing on until you reach that finish line with Me by your side. There is much to do. Many souls at stake. Don’t let the enemy steal any of the time that you could be doing Kingdom work for Me.

It’s all PROPAGANDA My children. Many players in play here. And you are the puppets on the string. Don’t let anyone else be the Puppeteer and take over control of you but Me. Don’t let anyone else lead you but Me. Don’t listen to anyone else but Me. For I see the whole picture. I know what is being hidden behind the scenes. And above all. I know what is Best for My children.

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