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More Storms are Coming – Sharlene Reimer

More Storms are Coming

January 11, 2021 2:45 PM
Sharlene Reimer

Vision #264 Jan 11/21 Word from the Lord – More Storms are Coming

I was in God’s temple which is on top of a mountain. I climb it in the spirit and interestingly, it reminds me of the true Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia- Jabal Maqla. But this mountain, the top 1/3 of it is covered by cloud and on the top is God’s temple. When I come out of the cloud, there are wide white steps, much like the steps that are shown in models of King Solomons temple. On the top of the stairs and standing on either side is a huge mighty angel. I go up the steps, bow low with my face to the floor which is part of a large area before the massive doors into the temple. Often God opens the doors and I’m asked to enter. Everything is white except the doors, which are darkened.

Today I was in the temple and an angel approached me. I have seen this angel a few times before. He was bright and taller than most people; maybe 8 feet or so.

He came before me and said “Tell the people: Repent and return to Me! More storms are coming. But I AM for you. Take My hand- I offer rest and peace. Stop listening to the spirit of fear. I love you with all that I AM. I AM bigger than fear. Come My children, rest in Me and know Me. I offer life and hope. In Me there is no fear.”

The angel turned and walked back into the temple.

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