Money is Time – Ruth Johnson

Money is Time

Nov 25, 2019 3:26PM
Ruth Johnson

Folks might think money is grand!
Folks might think money is great!
It will buy happiness!
It should be all that we’ve got!
The world does run on money,
Makes the thing go around,
If indeed it does spin,
Or, just holds its ground.
Time is money, they say,
When a dollar waits on a dime.
Money seems all that is good,
It’s the blood of life in a snood.
When you get employed by the dollar,
It is easy to lose your sense
Of what your time truly costs
And when to put up a fence.
You just go chasing that dollar
All over town and back,
Doing things you don’t want to,
All for that ball and jack.
Money is so fun to play with
When you get home at night,
You think you are in control now,
Until you turn out the light.
At three in the morning
Without any warning
Money makes its attack!
Your eyes bolt open
You realize that
You should not have spent it on that…
Whatever it was!
For money buys food and clothes and gas
And you forgot about that.
You bought a Ferrari and a
Ping pong table, then, of course,
Foosball. A pool table followed
The big screen TV, and next,
A portable bar.
The Ferrari hit a curb, you
Had to get home, so you
Bought a car.
Three in the morning where is
That Ferrari, and what kind
Of car?
So, a lot of folks don’t have this kind of cash,
So they simply rely on beer and a stash.
Oh, money is evil at three in the morning,
But good when you get up for work,
Money is great for getting you there,
Even though you feel like a jerk.
They jerk you at the subway
If they missed at the gas station
The cabbies are huge jerks
But none near as bad as some of the others,
The toll bridge, the coffeeshopworks.
But we all have to make money
That is what we do
Spend most of our time
Making that money and the
Only time it comes true is at
Three in the morning, again,
No warning, you meet that dollar
Waiting on you, the dime,
You owe him big time,
Without any doubt!
Who are you going to give
A shout?
Think about it,
Before you spend all your time.



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