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Message from The Lord – D.S.

Message from The Lord

November 22, 2020 3:23 PM

Hello, I hope this message reaches you in peace and good faith. My God deliver these words to the readers and to the hearts it is meant for through your platform. This was received on 11/20/2020, and afterward followed many visions of the darkness approaching the United States and the world. Soon, the US will no longer be the United States, and the only truth left in this world will be the Word of God. This message from The Lord highlights the utmost importance of submitting to Jesus, because He will use us to deliver His Children and glorify His name in the coming days. Know that His word, is true.

“I am not my own. Tonight, Jesus sends these words to His people.

A new birth is becoming of His children. I shower you with a new spirit, a changing from your old flesh. I am coming. The days of Revelation are near. Servants, I chose you to deliver my instruction to my people, and you will obey My commands. The Lord Gods will be done. There is a great harvest coming upon the people of earth. Behold, my servants shall work my great bets into the tumultuous sea. My children are redeemed from the dark depths of satans kingdom. Heed my voice, Do Not Be Afraid. Harken to My word and My voice, I awaken this very moment the kingdom of Heaven. My servants, submit to Me. Cast the nets of My love into the corners of the earth. Do not fear this changing of your spirit within you. I am the Rock of your salvation.

There is war coming upon this earth, much greater than that of the physical world. Take faith in Me. Fall into My arms, My Voice, fall into Daily prayer with Me, Jesus.

I come to fulfill prophecy, it shall be as the Father wills. My word is Truth.

My children belonging to the kingdom of heaven are to be prosecuted, imprisoned, and killed for their faith in me. It is written. Many mockers will laugh and say “He is lying”. The earth will tremble at the doorstep of the enemy who shall reign for a time. This is to be fulfilled, My Word Does Not Fail.

And yet, the people will know that I AM. To my child who Heeds these words (and does not just hear), Do Not Fear. Submit to me when I draw near to you. Many children do not heed to me because of doubt.

I command you to let go of the shackles of doubt.
*(Jesus has freed us indeed from doubt!)

I AM who I Am. I AM.

Prepare, my Beloved. Read My word, it is bread for My children’s soul. I come quickly to deliver recompense.”

The evening I received this message I was taken through many visions as Jesus showered me with grace and His presence. I knew Jesus had bigger plans than we could imagine, and that it would require us to submit ourselves to receiving Him so he may work through us. I saw the earth was like a great dark and horribly wicked ocean, and many many people were flailing about within the violent dark waves. There was a boat with a few people on it, and Jesus was present and the only source of Light as these workers tossed enormous nets out into the great sea. The workers hauled in those that were falling to the great depths, and these children were saved.

May you take this into prayer and meditate on our Lords will for us in these days. Do not fear brothers and sisters, I promise that when oppression comes for you work, the Lord will strengthen us by His own hand to stand strong and glorify His Name.

– D.S.


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