Master of Ceremonies [Song] – Ruth Johnson

Master of Ceremonies

Oct 31, 2019, 11:09 AM
Song by Ruth Johnson

When life is just a show
And there’s nowhere else to go
Why not come to Me?
Are you running out of options,
Running out of dough?
Why not run to Me?

I AM your Heavenly Father
The conductor,
The M. C.
When you’re exiting your stages
Do you bow to Me?

Maybe it is why
Your star began to fade
Just as it was rising
When you thought you had it made.
Well, have you ever seen how fast
A falling star falls?
It is a flash in the sky
There and gone
In the blink of an eye.

I AM your Eternal Father
I never miss a falling star,
I know exactly why they fell
And precisely where they are.

I know the same about you,
Every instant of your life,
Your light cannot go out
When I am the Source.

However, if you long to live in darkness,
Rehearse behind closed doors,
Plot and plan to rape and pillage,
Then on stage act like
All that should be abhorred!
Such sinful foppery!
What a poor show!
Not one I want to see,
For it portrays a tragedy!

I AM your Heavenly Father,
Your number one critic,
And I never miss a performance,
A rehearsal, a script,
A costume, a slip.
You cannot pull anything past Me
That I do not see.
Even the magicians
Are no match for Me!

I see you when you’re sleeping,
I know when you’re awake,
I know what you are dreaming
And the things you forsake.

Listen when I tell you
I AM in the front row,
I AM standing in the wings,
Actually running the show!
I AM your greatest villain,
And your only super hero!
It is all an act on your part,
Free will is the director!

Here’s the mike,
Here’s the speakers,
Your special sparkly sneakers,
There’s the stage,
There’s the curtain,
And you want to do
this play for certain?

I AM your Heavenly Father,
And I say: Go for it!
Break a leg!
But do not stand
In front of Me
On My Judgment Day
And act as if you have
Nothing to say.
I know you,
You have rehearsed your lines,
Memorized your cues,
The only thing, it was all lies,
And all you saw was you,
Never Me behind the scenes,
You should have glanced
Behind you.
Now you’re so lost
Within your act,
Only I can find you.

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