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January 15, 2021 2:00 PM
Amanda White

Dream | 9.16.20 @ 7:30 A.M.

I dreamt I walked into a movie theater that had very high stadium seating. A maintenance man who worked there was really upset when I asked him a question, and rolled his eyes making rude remarks and comments as I made my way to my seat at the top of the stairwell. Many people were already seated and the lights were currently on since the movie hadn’t started yet. I recognized two attendees as previous friends of mine and one of them told me to join her. I made my way up to the seat she signaled to, and felt like I was going to fall forward from the angle and height of the aisle. After sitting down, the seat pulled out into a basket-shaped chair to prevent falling. I was unsure what movie we would be watching was, but everyone was excited.

Just as the movie was starting, my view shifted to where the movie screen was located, therefore viewing the audience as if I was an invisible speaker. I saw the maintenance man come in with a group of other men that had full covered faces with black cotton (as if they were going to rob a bank). They all had machine guns with bullet belts full of ammunition across their chests. Without warning, the group began shooting everyone in the audience. People next to me and around me who had been shot died instantly and their blood splattered on my face. Sounds of screaming and chaos filled the theater, as the shooters yelled for all survivors to make their way outside.

The audience (thousands of people worth) were being herded to a pick-up/drop-off location in the parking lot at the front of the theater. There were large white busses where the audience was being loaded into, approximately 6 total that made pick-ups and drop-offs simultaneously. It was my understanding that we were all being shuttled to concentration camps miles away from the city. I was separated from my family and couldn’t find them. I started yelling out their names, then suddenly more shots were being fired at people to make their way into the buses. I woke up with a feeling of grave warning.

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