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Anonymous M

Sun, Feb 10, 2019, 2:24 PM

This message was given to me today on 02/10/2019. I did not know if I should attempt to post it to this site. He said, “Yes, it is good. All must know this message.”

Many Will Be Taken and Many Left

I was reading 444 News about ‘Judgement Falls’ by Sister Devin, and in the message it states that God’s children will be taken before the war to come. It was clear that in the John Patmos message the same day that many would be working to save others during the war, so I prayed about the seeming conflict. We knelt and asked about this.

The Lord said, “There is more to this than meets the eye. Some will be taken and some will be left. You have read about the remnant. There is no general rapture of the church, most will go into hiding and many will die. Many will die as the plan unfolds. God gives much opportunity for all for salvation. For those who are taken, they will not be molested but for those who remain, they will see the terror of the times. God, in His infinite mercy will determine who stays and who goes. When you see the innocents taken, you will know that the time draws neigh and that final preparations need to be made. This will be your last opportunity to prepare.

You have your role that I have assigned and you know it, many do not and many will not. Have faith and stay on the narrow path I have designed for you. You will be given many blessings for your service and none of your service will go unnoticed. You have chosen a difficult path but one that renders great glory. You have chosen wisely and many will be grateful, including many who have gone on before. Take comfort in knowing that I will care for you. The terror will be brief and I will be merciful.

Praise your Lord for this opportunity to serve, for the knowledge of your service will be with you eternally. Do not fear the pain, for My presence will help you withstand it. Do not fear, and be strong in as much as your human condition allows. I will not forsake thee. Carry on in My love and never doubt the power of your Lord and Master. All of this will end soon, and then eternal peace. I told you to look for the time of peace, but you have forgotten this, so write it down and review it and it will give you comfort.

Have a blessed and holy day.”


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