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Judgment Falls – Sister Devin

Judgment Falls

Received to Sister Devin

Given in early February 2019

“Write these words down daughter of light:

“To my children who do not know me:

“I AM the only True Living God. I AM the beginning and the end, I AM He who came into this world as a man and died on the cross for your sins, not Mine. I AM the One who is coming back very soon to remove My holy children off of this defiled earth many of you call home. You do not know the Truth because you are blinded by satan. I AM going to give you a chance to come to Me now before it is too late. You are in a very crucial time right now. Your country will soon be destroyed. I have had enough of the filth. I have had enough of this rebellious generation. You are a sinful rebellious generation whom seeks to please his own lustful desires of this world.

“The ones of you in the religious scene are lukewarm and defiled. You are filthy rags before My eyes. You are worshipping false gods who neither see nor hear. Your traditions are taking you to the pits of hell. I AM telling you this because I love you. I AM The Father, I AM the Creator, I AM the One who gave His Only Begotten Son to atone for your sins. A beautiful gift, a precious gift, a priceless gift, the gift of Salvation. Why have you turned your back on me? What have I done to deserve this abomination? Nothing. I have done nothing.

“ To My children who know Me:

I AM coming for you!

“To My children do not know me:

I AM Yehushua. I AM the Christ. I died on the cross for you so that you could be saved and live for eternity. I AM coming to take My children home. They are the light of the world. They are the ones who show love and have accepted My Free Gift of Salvation.

“To My children who worship idols of any kind:

“You have already broken the First Commandment. Repent now! Repent now! This can be money, false gods, statues, graven images, anything you put before Me. On that Day when My Mighty Hand sweeps across America, what will you be worshiping? Will your idols help you then? NO, THEY WILL NOT. Why do you choose to be so stiff necked, so prideful? Do you think there is not a Creator? The Most High God is asking you a question. Think on this: Look around, look around. The Great I AM created everything. I AM everything. There is only One True Living God, and you are going to find out very soon that I AM is the Only True Living God. You will fall to your knees asking why. “Why didn’t I listen? Why was I so prideful? Why was I so foolish to pray to idols who do not answer me?”

“I tell you this: you are blind. Ask Me to reveal Myself to you. You do not see from where the wind blows nor where it goes but you feel it. Ask to feel My Holy Spirit and it will come upon you. The Holy Spirit is My Comforter to all My children who dwell on the earth. You will feel My Spirit encompass you. You will feel My Love. The Love of The Father, the Love of your Heavenly Father. I never intended any of My children to perish. I have done everything I can for each and every one of you, trying to bring you back to Me. Yes, I knew you before I born you into this world. You did not want to leave Me or your Real home. Because of the betrayal of in the Garden of Eden, I had no choice. The serpent tempted My children, and they chose to disobey me. The sin separated them from Me, just as your sins separate you from Me. You are being tested every day on this earth run by satan. What will you choose? Will you choose sin and separation form your Heavenly Father who is Love, or will you choose to be obedient to your Creator, your Heavenly Father and live for eternity with Me in My Kingdom? Yes, Kingdom!

“I AM a Righteous and Holy God. I AM the God of Love which means no sin enters into My Kingdom. My Son Jesus died for you. Except My Son as your Lord and Saviour now before it is too late! I AM the One who breathes, I AM the One who gives breath, and who takes it away. Do not be foolish and think you have tomorrow. Only I know when you will take your last breath because I hold it in My Mighty Hands. Where will you wake up? Will it be in My arms, or will it be in the hands of satan in hell. You need to choose RIGHT NOW! Please ask me to guide you and I will take you by the hand. I will protect you and save you. Not one hair on your head will be touched by the enemy when they invade your land America. Yes, war is coming. I will not judge the righteous with the wicked. Just as with Sodom and Gomorrah, I saved the only righteous ones in the city before I rained down fire and brimstone on the wicked. This will be so with America, Mystery Babylon. I will destroy this wicked nation in one hour but before I do I will remove My children. My children who serve Me and I will use My rod of Indignation to destroy the wicked. I will cleanse the earth from all the filth and you will know I AM the LORD. Read My Holy Word. My Truth is the only way to escape hell fire, an eternal death. Seek Me NOW on bent knee. Do NOT wait! I AM your Father and I long for you to know who I AM is, and to know the Love I have for you. I AM waiting My child.

“Love the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

“Read the book of Revelation written by My Spirit filled children.”

Much Love and Peace in Jesus ❤️😇🌈😀✝️

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