A Great Opportunity in the End Times – John Patmos


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02/08/2019 A Word from The Lord:

8:03 p.m.

A Great Opportunity in the End Times

So you hear that the end of time is near, you hear it from many sources, and the drum beat grows stronger now. You look at My Word and you see that prophecy illustrates that there is a time that can be measured, and that this time is nearly run out.

You are sad and do not want to believe this, but the mounting evidence is becoming overwhelming. To deny it, is comfortable; but you know that to do this, is futile. So you turn to others and ask them what they think, with no satisfaction. Then, you observe the signs in the heavens and on Earth and you know that, if it all is truth; the certainty of a big event appears imminent.

There is a feeling that is pervasive, there is a knowing in the hearts of man, that this time frame is different; that this time, God will not forgive the horrors that humans are perpetrating on one another, and the profound depths of disbelief and contempt for anything deemed holy by divine scripture.

You see clearly……..and you are right. This time is different and the plans have already been set in motion, and all players are either on the stage or hiding in the shadows. What is not clear now, will be clear very soon; and you will see scripture unfold before your eyes.

Study prophecy now, and do not deny the words of modern prophets that have passed the testing of the spirits. What you read and what you hear, are all coming into alignment with one another; and you can rely on the messages.

I tell you this, not to terrify you; but in mercy, that you may have foreknowledge and begin to prepare for you and the ones you love. If you know the truth about the events shortly to come, then you can share this with others with credibility, and lead them to Me in the act of salvation. This is why you believe, and this is the only reason that you exist here and now; to gain salvation and to help in the salvation of others.

In this time that will come upon you soon, you will see many saved; and you, as a tool of your Master, will have a great opportunity to make a profound difference in the eternities of others, and to lay up treasures for yourself in heaven. This earth is not your home.

Seize the opportunity and reach out in love, to all who need you, and to all who are led to you by the Holy Spirit.

Be faithful My child, and you will be rewarded with an Eternity Unimaginable.

With Abounding Love flowing to you,

Your Lord

—John Patmos

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  1. Fred

    Very true and beautiful Words

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