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Video: Many Refuse To Believe – So Be It! – Behold I Come (Julie Whedbee)

January 12, 2019



well hello again this is julie with behold i come youtube channel
thank you so much for coming back to
listen and to watch and be a part of
what father is sharing with us I wanted to share the most recent message that I received it’s quite powerful but all of his messages are powerful he has been so merciful lately as especially in this last year in the way he has given us so much revelation and so much understanding of his scriptures just as
it speaks to us in his word and Daniel
that knowledge would be increased at the time of the end and really so much now is just being unveiled so that we can understand what his heart is and how things are going to be and what his design is for us and for the world and so I ask you to please come before his throne with me this moment in full surrender praying


Father thank you first and foremost we come to you with such gratitude in all humility thanking you and giving you all the honor the worship and the praise for just being you for being the creator of all things for being our master and our King our height our rock and our foundation we can’t do this without you Yeshua we need you desperately as this world continues to grow darker and darker and things are so out of control it’s already chaos
father and we know the worst is yet to come but we know that you have lit that path for us we know that we can rest and abide in you we know that we can pray to have that measure of faith that we’ll be able to withstand all that will come our way we know that your grace is sufficient for each and every day and every situation and challenge that we face and so father we honor you with everything that we have we honor you and we ask that you would open our hearts
wide wider than before that we would be able to receive your revelation your knowledge your wisdom and your understanding in these last days we thank you that the storehouses of blessings are open and pouring out
upon your people that there is not
enough room to receive them we thank you that you’re limitless and
that in you there is no lack father we
just ask that your Holy Spirit would
always go before us and everything that we say and do so that you alone may be glorified father anoint my lips to speak your words to express your heart so that those that are listening do not hear me but they only hear you
thank you Father for the opportunity to share what you have given me with all those who are willing to listen I pray your blood covering over this message and I ask that you would bind the enemy in every way that he would attempt to distract or deceive people when they hear these words I pray all of this in your holy and mighty name Yahshua amen


my children listen very carefully to
what I am speaking to you my word speaks of the time when knowledge shall increase and much revelation will be given concerning what has been written that time is now for those who have prepared and are walking in obedience to me I am revealing many many things about
what is about to happen on this earth a great and mighty war rages in the heavenlies and it is now time for my
army to engage as she was trained to do where the darkness has come and Satan’s time is very short now as I take unto myself my first fruits they will be infused with all power and authority and be given abilities that have never been known until now I have reserved them for such a time as this and when I reveal them to the world the world will be astonished at what has occurred as what will happen has never been seen many
will be purified and made white but the wicked will not understand he that is unjust let him be unjust still but he that is holy let him be holy still
through these my translated ones I will pour out my anointing and they shall walk and not grow faint they shall run and not be weary they will heal the sick cast out demons raise the dead and manifest as I direct them to do a wonder to behold yes as all I have reserved for this season is they will here with one heart and they
will be given supernatural peace amidst the utter chaos in the world they will be as lampstands and my presence through them on the earth will be undeniable I will use them
to minister to the desperate and the
lost and many will come to know me by their example I will use them for a very short time then I will take them home as the disobedient and the cold-hearted peoples of the world remain to endure the terror which will reign during the Antichrist system truly I am out the door yet so many refuse to believe so be it the end has come and I will not delay there will still be a choice for those who remain during the Beast system if they survive the calamities and the judgments that are here but those days will be grossly dark and many many will die for my name’s sake are you really listening
do you hear with your spirit what I am saying to you the end is here it is come and so few have prepared you will see now before your very eyes that all I speak of is true these words will testify after this has all taken place that I am faithful and I am true and my word will not return to me void hearken to the words of your creator when all else is gone I remain



As I was reading this message and while I was praying last night and this
morning about recording this message his Holy Spirit is really putting it upon my heart that there are people listening not only to this message but to others that want to believe but are being lied to and believing the lie that the enemy is telling them that no matter what they do they won’t be worthy and no matter how hard they try they’re never going to be good enough but this is a lie we were never told we had to be good enough because we can never be good enough there was only one it was good enough and that is the Sun are you who Jesus himself
Yahushua sinless and pure and holy but his sacrifice on the cross made us
enough he is a robe of righteousness he is our mantle and are covering all he wants from us is our heart our surrender our love he never asked for anything other than obedience and a commitment to follow his ways remember he knows your heart he knows you better than you know yourself and so if you are discouraged and downtrodden and disappointed and despairing because you hear or watch these messages and don’t feel like these words are for you well please know they are exactly for you he loves you like you were the only one that he ever created and so please I encourage you not to believe the lie that you are not worthy none of us could stand before our Father as worthy without Yeshua but remember what the word teaches us he made us worthy it is his blood so don’t wait another second to get on your knees and commit your life entirely to him everything in your life give it all to him and then watch and see what he will do all he’s looking for is a vessel that is willing to be emptied sothat he can in dwell it please don’t wait we don’t have time

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