Mandatory Gene-editing!!! – Madelyn Camp

Mandatory Gene-editing!!!

September 12, 2021 12:37 PM
Madelyn Camp

September 11, 2021

Photo By Joseph Acquaviva

This is very serious!!! Govt declared war against God!!! Mandatory gene-editing tool. Graphene Quantum Dot Hydrogel. Part biological and part robotic construct with hollow belly payload capability. The “PARTICLE”. In vax, swab testing deposits and paper masks. In all water systems and foods by the end of 2021. Luciferian Fallen Angel Technology killing all biological life forms including humans animals and plants. Once in your body you can never get it out. It never dies. Your body becomes a bioreactor manufacturing the Particle and transmitting it to all around you.

Executive orders to ALL businesses. State mandates crushed. Doctors and ALL healthcare workers get shots by middle of October or license revoked and prison!

Cuba vaxing 2 year olds! Coming here. Children removed from unvaxed homes! Mandatory vax for ALL pregnant women!!!

Agenda to depopulate in full operation. We’re in an Extinction Level Event killing all biological life forms including humans animals and plants. Luciferian Fallen Angel Technology. Deep darkness covering the earth before Jesus returns. Satan’s last hoorah mimicry of the Blood of Jesus tainting all biological life forms including humans animals and plants.

NOT A VAX!!! Gene editing tool!!!

Dept of Justice states federal and states can issue vax mandates! July 26 law MANDATORY ALL HEALTHCARE WORKERS VAXED BY OCTOBER 18th!!! HOSPITALS NOT SAFE!!! Divorce yourself from traditional medicine NOW!!! When you sign medically electronically you are giving permission for vax to be given without your knowledge!!!

ALL stores require Vax passport!!!

They are going to be calling out military to enforce!!! Failure to comply=Criminal penalties! Highway Patrol matrix checkpoints! Papers please!!! Penalties include heavy fines $100.-one million! No drivers license! Prison! IMPLEMENTED RIGHT NOW!!!


Criminalization of non Vaxers impacting travel!


We have definitely moved into collective governance.

How do people survive an underground life?!!

Not a time to be fearful. God looked all throughout time and history and picked now at your exact address for you to be born for His plans and purposes. He imparted gifts armor and weapons for the battles coming your way! Walk so closely with Him you hear Him whisper strategic instructions and be quickly obedient in all things 24/7. ALPHA OMEGA DELTA FORCE END TIME WARRIOR BRIDAL COMPANY REPORTING FOR DUTY!!!

God’s shalom love and blessings surround you and yours with His favor and protection as a shield everywhere your feet tread in Jesus Name! He is calling His people to be Water Walkers in this day! Great exploits we WILL do!!!

I AM more than all structures of steel mortar and clay.

“Heaven is My footstool and earth is My footstool. What house will you build for Me?, ‘says the Lord. ‘Or what is the place of My rest?’”. Acts 7:49

Yes Lord!!! We WILL be the place of Your rest!!! Ambassador builders of here on earth as it is in Heaven!!!

I take great comfort in I AM the Architect of the Last Days. Xo

I would like to add once you surrender your humanity to Graphene Quantum Dot Hydrogel you leave the Kingdom of God and become a domain for demons and fallen angels!!!

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