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April 8, 2024 7:19 AM
Abby K

Message received on 28/03/24 at 11:15 pm

Revelation 12:1-2: A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.

The end times are already here with you, and the closer you get to the end of all things, darkness will begin to fall. Things are about to start shaking, the signs are all around you, yet many still slumber. I tell you, the door is about to shut on the foolish virgins. I am done separating My own. My Chosen are already elected and sealed and those that will come after from here on, will join the guests who will not form My bride.

The shout has been going out for long to prepare to meet Me, their bridegroom, but they deceived themselves thinking that they had time. Now REALITY is about to hit your world and many will start waking up, when it is too late in the day. They don’t carry the oil required to navigate through the coming storms. And so they will have to go through the shakings and trials to align to Me. Meanwhile, My bride will be with Me in the chambers being refreshed, renewed and re-energized to stand firm and strong in what is coming. This will be the work of My first fruit, sealed by My name and will not be harmed by the evil one.

The tribulations are about to begin, you are about to enter the 3 and a half years of tribulation, but first darkness must fall, peace will be no more, nations will be shaken, that the man of lawlessness may be ushered into your world. And the ministry of My Two Witnesses shall begin. Plagues of all kind will invade mankind, the cure of which is non-existent. Any vaccine they will tell you to take is only a lie, for in it is the mark of the fallen one to change your DNA. COVID 19 vaccine was the foundation that they will build upon and it has prepared mankind for their wicked evil agenda. Men will mutate into evil and will turn on each other as they crave human flesh and blood. Only demons eat flesh and blood. Men’s hearts will fail for the things coming and they are nowhere near prepared for they did not heed to My warnings. But now things must proceed on as prophesied, for My Day of Wrath is near.

The earth has been groaning under the weight of man’s sin and once I give it command to avenge, it will rise up with great anger to swallow its inhabitants. Mountains will pour out their wrath in great volcanic eruptions and the waters will rise up from the seas to breach the boundaries they have obeyed all this time and it will sweep everything in its path. The earth will shake and break apart in some places and nations will be divided into two never to be enjoined again. It will be a great shaking everywhere that will eject the earth off its poles.

The sun will cough out flares that will affect all technology and bring to a half everything computerized. Your phones, TVs, cars, electricity grids will go down. Planes will not be able to fly for the navigation radars will be fried. Your backups will only work for some time until they can work no more. The world will be taken back to the dark old ages where men survived by their acquired skills. This world is fully dependent on technology that basic survival skills are non-existent. Men will face very tough times for this phenomenon will cause difficulties in every quarter.

So everything will shut down, food supplies and all kind of supplies will be cut short and people will face shortages of all kinds. Fuel pumps will not run and food will rot in farms for lack of refrigeration and transportation. Supplies will drastically drop and people will fight to get the last of what will be available.

The gross darkness that shall cover the earth is not just the evil that will be in the minds and hearts of men, but also lack of power everywhere that will add to the darkness and bring chaos everywhere. Lawlessness will then become the norm.

My Sons will rise to operate in the midst of this darkness for this is how My light will shine to save souls. Where My light will be, darkness cannot survive. For it will be a light and a glory like no other time in the history of this world.

Do not be afraid for this is when you will shine the brightest to bring glory to Me. The birth pangs are already underway and as the world births destructions and chaos and wars, I am birthing and binging forth My Sons, The Man-child who will take on the sons of darkness. The evil seed Satan planted in the garden is finally going to manifest and so will My Sons manifest as I brought them forth from My Loins as WORD. In the beginning was the Word and so shall it be now and forever more!


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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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