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“Don’t worry. I am with you wherever you go” – Anointed Melody

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Don’t worry. I am with you wherever you go”

April 29, 2024 11:53 AM
Anointed Melody

On April 28, 2024, I dreamed I was in a forest or jungle. I saw a man clinging to a tree and one of his arms was stuck through the tree as if someone had forced it in there. An ape kind of animal comes to talk to me. He was about the size of a man, stood upright, maybe a gorilla. He looked like an animal but talked and thought like a human and as if he had authority over us. I don’t remember what he said, but he let the man out of the tree. The man was in pain and maybe bleeding. I assume he was punishing him for something.

Then I saw horses running, small about the size of a dog or smaller. Fluffy-white type of magical horse, perhaps sparkled. I thought they were pretty until I remembered who they represented. An army type of unit came behind them, medical type of people. They said that there was a pneumonia outbreak and they had to test/treat/vaccinate us. We reminded them they had no authority there and we didn’t want, so they left.

This dream lasted all night, whether I woke up or not. Throughout the dream, I would go in and out of the city there, the outer edges only, where the unvaccinated were apparently allowed to go. I don’t know why I went, though. One time a director of the city came to me and took me into the city where few go. I didn’t know why then either, but I was unafraid to go with her.

At one point, the voice of Jesus said to me audibly in the dream, “Don’t worry. I am with you wherever you go.” The director apparently heard the voice, but didn’t understand it and asked me if I said something, but I said, “No.”

Also, at some point, a man tried to stab me with a needle, but I pushed his arm away and said, “I don’t do that.” He let me go.

The city was very futuristic, very technological, that sort of thing. We went to a building and inside she tried to take me to a room and two large guards, perhaps robots, large, dark clothing, wearing robotic type of suits said very sternly, “No unvaccinated allowed in here.” I assume they could tell with the technology in the dream I was unvaccinated, not just because of how I dressed or looked. She tried again, but they said, “No.” So she took me to an outer area where I was just sitting on a bed and I overheard their discussion.

They were saying that their next plan was to get the unvaccinated women pregnant. I assume this was to indirectly have the women vaccinated. I woke up then.

I don’t know anything about how animals might start talking, but I understand that the “latest” vaccine to come out can change DNA. If they give it to animals too, then that might explain that. Will be a scary future if so, but the Lord is with us always. I leave it up to the Body of Christ and other readers to determine if prophetic and its interpretation.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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