Making it to the Pearly Gates – LynL

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

Making it to the Pearly Gates

June 26, 2024 9:40 AM


Your chariot awaits, at the pearly gates,
To bring you to your desired goal
The race has been long and tedious,
Soon comes to completion, to rest your soul
No more worry or toil,
For the game is almost complete
Come to me on bended knees,
To see Heaven in front of thee
Each segment of your life,
Will no longer be filled with strife
For we are one, on a mission,
To find the one and only glorious son

I find my way to your open arms,
Holding my breath, for what comes next
Your tender touch, your loving smile,
Paints the picture of God
Your power, your glory,
Your kindness prevails
You have a hold upon my soul,
That touches within my inner core
I come with my head bowed down,
For your glory is hard to behold
Each moment in your presence,
Becomes an eternity of love
Fields of flowers, arrayed in various colors,
With aromas not smelt before
Heaven is worth the wait,
I’m glad I made it to the pearly gates

(Holy Spirit gave this to me in ten minutes time, word for word)

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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