Losing Our Religion & The New Beast System – Caroline Diadem


Losing Our Religion & The New Beast System

August 8, 2021
Caroline Diadem

Auto Generated Transcript

hello friends just wanted to
just jump on here and just have a just a
bit of a chat with you really you know
mad hectic or anything like that just
just to encourage everyone i just want
to thank you all for your comments from
the last video as well
um it was very very nice of you all and
um so yeah you know like
at the moment you know we’re kind of
have loosened up on lockdown and stuff
like that and the atmosphere
now has become more relaxed and people
really have a sense of
we’re going back to normality and
everything for now is good and the
churches have reopened they’re able to
meet again and we’re able to meet in
in in groups um again and stuff like
that you know
um so there’s that kind of a relaxed
kind of atmosphere as you know what i
um and it’s easy to kind of jump back
into it because it’s what we all desire
you know just to get back into normal
and the normal routine
so that’s what i was just really
thinking about the
you know in the last couple of days and
considering that um
you know we are being infiltrated by
this antichrist and be system whether
want to acknowledge that or not we are
it’s happening we are being sabotaged
you know
and um there is a coup going on you know
and it’s infiltrating every aspect of
society in every nation and it will
continue to grow and grow and grow
like the bible says about the new world
order um and people and
as christians we’re facing dilemmas
already you know we’re facing dilemmas
already i know that
you know if you’re like me in my
you know i’m considering the fact that
if they’re going to force the v’s that
i may lose my job and i think a lot of
people are considering you know that
they might be in that same situation as
um so it’s going to be getting very
testing for christians you know
it’s going to be very testing and i
think about the time with the
jews in in when they were
in um europe
and apparently i discovered this
recently that
there was quite a lot of prophets that
were warning the
jewish people get out of europe get out
of there
things are going to get bad you know and
many of them
just ignored them just thought whatever
you know we’re having a great
luxurious lifestyle in europe we’re not
moving anywhere
and then so quickly you know the germans
came in
and the jews were severely persecuted
like they were just
were disappearing imagine they just
started disappearing
you know from their streets from their
homes you know
um but then that dreadful persecution
happened that we all know about
and i think it’s happening now for us
you know we’re beginning to see what’s
going on um the censorship is a
massive one i mean a lot of christian
you know have gotten nervous and and and
jumped out of the whole youtube realm
because of what’s going on with the
censorship has got so
bad um and people are
are concerned about their names and
everything you know
and being out there um so there’s that
going on
um but i was reading this morning in
and i just want to read a few of these
verses right
um because the prophets we the prophets
are sent
by god to warn and to bring warnings to
the christian
church and the christian church for the
most part
have thrown out the the prophets they’re
not interested they want to go their own
way and do their own thing
and they are not recognized the
of how god has placed the prophets where
they are
to warn the christians and the churches
um and i want to read a few verses
uh from amos it says here i’m gonna read
from chapter three
you only have i known of all the
families of the earth therefore i will
punish you for all your iniquities
can two walk together except they be
we have to agree with god if we’re going
to walk with him shall a trumpet be
blown in this city and the people not be
shall there be evil in a city and the
lord has not done it
surely the lord god will do nothing but
he reveals his secret unto his servants
the prophets
the line has roared who will not fear
the lord god has spoken and who can but
so god you know god has been prophesying
god has been using his servants to warn
the church about what’s coming and if
the church
is not aware not
in tune with the spirit of god the
season that we’re coming into
they’re going to get pulled into the
antichrist beast system
and they will be way down the road on it
before they will cop on and realize
oh my gosh we have been duped but no one
has to be duped
especially believers even unbelievers
are recognizing
what season we’re in even unbelievers i
i have friends who are unbelievers who
completely understand
the climate this antichrist regime that
has come in
they may not call it the antichrist
regime but they know there’s a
dark deep agenda going on behind the
scenes right
um but we know clearly from the
scriptures that it’s the antichrist
beast system
says here in in in the same chapter 3a
just read the whole chapter here at the
end and hear you and testify
in the house of jacob says the lord god
god of hosts
that in the day that i shall visit the
transgressions of
israel upon him i will also visit the
altars of
bethel and the horns of the altar shall
be cut off and fall to the ground
this so what i feel the lord is talking
about here is the altars of bethel i
believe is the church that’s what he’s
highlighting here
and the horns of the altar shall be cut
off the horns of the altar the horns is
like the authority
um and will fall to the ground and i
smite the summer house the winter house
with the summer house
and the houses of ivory shall perish and
the great houses
shall have an end saith the lord
and i feel the lord saying the church
is going to be removed
it’s going to be removed i don’t mean in
the rapture
i mean god is going is tearing down the
old system of church
is finished i’ve said it before my other
videos but i’m just making emphasis
today about this
and because we will no longer be onto
that system that system doesn’t work it
wasn’t god’s intended system anyway
and all it did was managed to fit you
know fill the pastor’s pockets with
plenty of
dosh and you know
it became an abuse system it’s an abused
system it’s abusive system
it’s um too heavily powered by the by
the pastor
and um it was never meant to be like
that jesus was supposed to be center
and take central place and the gifts of
the spirit were supposed to be operating
in believers and we were all supposed to
be ministering
ministering to one another in the
context of the church
and we were supposed to be outward
looking in
saving souls that was why the church
that’s why the church
was on the earth you know so um
so that church is going to be removed
and if people remain in that old
system they will come under the
antichrist be
system they will have to follow the
protocols of the government
the government will become more
increasingly controlling
um and will stifle the spirit of god the
spirit of god will
not move in those churches it will be
old manner it would be like where you
had revivals going on in the past
and people just stayed in that mentality
of that revival
but the lord had moved on and was doing
a different thing and they just
they just stayed in that old system that
is what’s going to happen
and so you’ll people will begin begin to
notice there’s less and less power
operating in the church in the in the
kind of in the in the old style church
you know
um probably what will happen is the
christians who are really walking by the
word truly by the word of god
and understand the season and the times
that we’re in
we’ll probably go start going
underground that’s probably what’s going
to happen they’ll start start going
because we will be aware and alert
and knowledgeable about because of the
spirit of god
because of our knowledge of the word of
god and our insight in the word of god
um about the antichrist and what he’s
and his movements and how this will be
and the lord has revealed a lot to his
servants the prophets about this subject
and yesterday
myself and my fiance were together and
i believe that we were really touching
on something
very prophetic we were just talking
about things yesterday i
just want to share this with you i think
it’s very prophetic
so this is what i was talking about
water sensing right
and it was that we are now coming into a
new change of season
and it’s a very different season from
the old season
and you know like god has given us 2 000
of walking in grace this season is
and we’re coming into a season where
we’re going to see a lot of the wrath of
and moving on the earth in relation to
the seasons the climate change
and the earth is erupting and revolting
against the sin
on the earth you can have a look at
romans and
chapter eight about that um and you can
look at isaiah
chapter 20 through 24 and i isaiah
13 i think also talk some of some of
but the earth is revolting against sin
so that is the lord that’s the wrath of
god and he’s warning signs he’s
shaking the earth right um for us to get
you know then we’re going oh yeah so the
there’s a new say
a new season of change and it means that
believers that we have spiritually
to be in a different location
spiritually we have to be in a different
location we have to be in the location
that god wants us to be in
so we’re not to be in the old type of
system we’re to be in a new location
listening to god listening
to the holy spirit and watching watching
what he’s doing and listen to the
prophets that you know to be true
you know um so yeah so we have to tune
into the spirit
um this wide path of grace
is closing this that season is closing
and we are going to see events on the
earth like we’ve never seen before
really and truly we really are we’re
already beginning to see that
um so
i believe with regards to the antichrist
system i think
also that’s why we’re seeing the wrath
of god like we know that the antichrist
system is going to come into effect
but i think as the antichrist system
comes into effect
the wrath of god comes into also to
affect so we’re seeing a warfare going
on we’re seeing a warfare between
satan angie and jesus christ really
we’re feeling it in the spirit but we’re
seeing it happen in the natural as well
we’re seeing the evidence of it
in the natural the lord is against the
antichrist system even though the
antichrist system is mentioned in the
and it will you know come to pass
the lord is warring against it he is
against lucifer
he is against unrighteousness he is
against wickedness
and evil control and witchcraft he’s
against all that the lord is against it
we are not to align ourselves with the
world we are to come
out of the world we are to come out of
the system
and from here on christians the true
will be forced to shift out of the
they will have no choice because the
antichrist is going to make it
impossible for for the true believers to
remain in the system
so those that are struggling
um and are in between you know
they will be forced to make a choice
multitudes multitudes and the value of
it’s also in my one of my other videos
you will be forced to make a decision
are you truly going to
live for christ and give your life up
for him or are you going to remain
in the world and put the world and your
desires and your ambitions and your
plans above
god’s purpose for your life this is the
time where
you where when jesus said you you know
those who follow him will have to lay
down their lives for him
this is the season this is what christ
was really talking about
have a look in i think it’s um
revelations 12 where it talks about that
they love not their lives unto death i
think that was
in that scripture and they love not
their lives unto death that is where
at that is where the crossroads that we
are now coming into as believers i’m
want to stress that you know um so
okay so continue with this so the wider
path of grace is no more it’s closing
that path of grace
it’s closing god’s not going to tolerate
sin in the camp
anymore it’s not going to happen luxury
churches and all that
finished done god’s not having it
anymore the only people that are going
to survive this season
as believers are those who have who are
humble and who are completely submitted
to the lord himself not to the pastor
not to the church
that that church body is go is finished
it’s finished i’m telling you there’s
gonna there’s no there’s not gonna be
any more power in that church
the power is going to be with the saints
and the true believers
who are listening to the holy spirit and
following the leading of god
and walking where he wants us to walk
that is the new church i’m telling you
it’s the new testament church again it’s
the persecuted church
it’s the new testament church it’s the
true believers
you know there’s going to be such a
difference you’re going to absolutely
know who is
really walking out there with the lord
because they’re going to be the ones
that are going to stand out
from the ones that are going to be like
the church and the world
you know that’s going to be a whole
different thing you know that’s going to
a whole different thing the antichrist
church if you can call it that
you know um so
so um my fiance
he got this word from the lord i believe
this is true this is what he was kind of
seen in kind of like
a visual i will say so he said this
the narrow path is going up a steep
mountain so the narrow path that we’re
on as christian believers
and some will will climb a cliff face
so it’s a really hard place
that we’re going into we are at the base
and we are high high up on a base camp
but we’re not yet on the incline
and we are going to be going up higher
and steeper
where it’s more treacherous and we need
to have
you know each other with us you know we
need to have
others with us you know close to us as
well walking this path
so it’s not the old school anymore the
old system is finished
it’s a new walk and it’s a new and it’s
a higher calling
so you know it’s the walk of
righteousness of holiness is walking
with the lord
um but it’s going to be
getting more difficult you know and god
is going to separate
the sheep from the goats god is going to
separate the wheat from the tares
and it’s going to get obvious um
so those you know people who
if you if you still if you’re still
between two minds of what you’re gonna
do you’re gonna have to make you’re
gonna be forced to make a decision
voice to make up your mind it’s a
serious time you know honestly it’s a
really serious time and it’s going to
more and more difficult and more and
more serious as we as we go along
um i had another scripture that i wanted
to share
let me just get it in ezekiel chapter 2
i think it is
in one second and here we are
okay let me just read this to you right
when i say unto the wicked you shall
surely die
and you give him not warning nor speak
warn the wicked from his way to save his
life the same wicked man shall die in
his iniquity but his blood will i
require at your hand
this is the responsibility of the
prophets that’s why the prophets have to
out in the name of the lord yet if thou
warned the wicked and he turned not from
his wickedness nor from his wicked way
he shall die in his iniquity but you
have delivered
your soul
again when a righteous man does turn
from his righteousness
and commits iniquity and i lay a
stumbling block before him he shall die
because you have not given him warning
he shall die in his sin
and his righteousness which he has done
shall not be remembered but his blood
will i require at your
hand one saved
always saved is a lie from the pit
of hell you can be sure how the devil
must be laughing taking so
many people to hell from that one lie
and deception
and heresy that is entered into the
one saved always saved is a lie
from the pit of hell you have to
walk in righteousness you have to
continuously walk with the lord
nevertheless if thou warn the righteous
man that the righteous sin
not and he does not sin he shall surely
because he is warned also thou has
delivered thy
soul people
are receiving these warnings to deliver
their soul
god does not is not willing that any man
perish that all come to eternal life
the lord wants everybody to come to him
to get saved
and in these times like look at the
floods look at the tornadoes look at the
hurricanes look what’s happened
in the different nations even over in
the last few weeks incredibly
incredible stuff going on and people
have lost their lives just like that
landslide bang they’re gone you know
hurricane bang they’re gonna flood
flash flood bang they’re gone
people have just died just just so
right what’s to say that couldn’t be you
what’s to say that couldn’t be me you
so this is not time to just um
you know play about and think oh i’ve
got a bit of time oh no you know that’s
just a bit
too strong that message there i just
can’t be bothered listening to that
you do not know how much time you have
left and the season is getting too
treacherous now to even begin to play
you need to get absolutely right with
you can feel everybody else you can fool
the past
you can fool the people in church that
you’re hanging out with
and you know having your comfortable
social activities and your little
prayer groups that you pray the same
ding dong every single week
and receive nothing from the lord you
hear nothing from god you hear nothing
from the spirit of god
if you’re not hearing from god in church
why are you there
like seriously you know
if you’re not growing as a believer
you should be growing from glory to
glory you as
by the spirit of god you should be
continuously because the holy spirit is
moving in your heart
working in your life and changing you by
the word of god and by his presence
if that’s not happening in church if you
haven’t experienced god speaking to you
in church
if you haven’t experienced the move of
god in your life
if when you go to church you feel that
you’re being more
frustrated that you’re being hampered
that you’re being you know um held back
from moving into the spirit of god and
into the things of the spirit of god
into speaking in tongues
into moving in miracles signs and
in healings in deliverance in whatever
capacity the lord has called you into
and you’re feeling hampered
frustrated hindered or people are
holding you back or the past is holding
you back
or there’s like a spiritual barrier
that’s not permitting you to move
forward in that church
you need to get out of it you need to
get out of it
go start a cell group go have a little
prayer meeting in your own
in your own house and where you can move
freely as the lord leads you
and though the others you you will
encourage them to move
in the whole the things of the spirit as
well and walk in this
spirit of god you know not just in so
social you know fun times you know that
a lot of people are having in church
so um that is you know that’s my
encouragement for you
um god bless you all we really need to
keep each other in prayer right now
lift each other up in prayer um
as as this goes on i know some of you
have been inquiring
um about you know having a christian
and stuff like that so you know i’ve
i’ve heard that and i’ll be thinking
about it
um and if god leads me to you know
uh you know we’ll come up with we’ll
come up with something maybe
um so we just i just wanna i just wanna
be led by the spirit of god in these
things because you know
there’s a lot going on in my life
already kind of thing i’m sorry that
i’ve been slow to
answer the emails i’m getting there i
know i’m it’s slow because i
i’ve just there’s just been a lot going
on i’m really sorry and i’ve had a lot
and i really do want to to go through
them all so just bear with me i’ll get
through them soon enough you know
so god bless you guys um nice just to
come on just have a casual chat with you
and i’ll speak to you very soon as the
lord leads me god bless


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