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Last Call

June 22, 2021 10:17 PM
The Messenger

Received June 21st around a little after 7 am

My son take these words down now as I command. My people who are called by My name My obedient children ,My bride, My harvesters in waiting. Many of the messengers I have sent, prophets watchmen all the kingdom workers that I have sent the true ones have been mocked, ridiculed been made fun of, anything that you can think of they have gone thru even death ; for a-lot of My workers have they had to go thru, many thru out history have been put to death. They never escaped by a rapture they were never saved by My hand!!! they died and suffered for My Holy Sons Name. Most if not all of My so called by My Holy name’s children all and I say 99 percent think that they will just float to the sky , they think that Santa clause the Easter bunny still exist . My children did all of you go thru the pandemic known as Covid. I the father in Heaven allowed it ,I allowed it to start the separation of My wheat and chaff, I allowed it as the start of the judgements of this world . Again if you started to turn to me than went back to normal than you will be left behind . I will not and let me repeat this will not take you in The first fruits rapture. You choose this world over me and went back into it instead of seeking me more than ever, now you seek youtube, ticktock and Facebook. You are unworthy to escape you are not a son or daughter of THE MOST HIGH. Again Romans 8:14 do you ever read it, shall I say it again” for as many as are left by the spirit of god are sons of god.” If you are not and I’ll repeat Myself not being led by My spirit than I will leave you here for further purification . I am tired of My Holy Spirit being grieved by My own children who play church and know nothing. Please My children keep praying for the helper he will lead you, guide you, talk to you ,and the helper is in My words please look it up. I sent him to My disciples after My anointed one Jesus the Christ was glorified in heaven. You My so called children need My spirit to guide you and without a full spirit he cannot truly. Without you totally seeking me and gaining the helper and My full spirit you are not ready for service of My kingdom , you still need more refinement, more purification. You still have to confess all to me, forgiven all to me, and have repented of all satanic strongholds in your lives. How can you be accounted worthy when you still have all this refinement . Go read book of Daniel at the very end where he was told to close of the books .My messenger will put the scripture down for you, as for to know what I’m talking about, he has read it multiple times . My children time is here beyond what you think and most will be here for tribulation unless you quickly and I mean quickly get purified, learn My voice and walk in holiness. My children I love you but you are deaf n blind stuck in man’s doctrines please come out now this is your very last call to repent of it and truly and I say truly turn to me NOW before your are not and I repeat not takin by My son in the First Fruits Rapture. My children I love all but all are not worthy . Your Loving Heavenly Father. Please read revelation chapter 17 it is key to your Safety!!!!
The scripture in the book of Daniel That Our Most Merciful Heavenly Holy Father is referring you to is chapter 12:10 but I have included verse 9 as well .
Dan 12:9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.
Dan 12:10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.
The Messenger

Part II
Received June 21st 2021 around7:15 PM

My son take these words down . Many of My children so called Christians read My Holy words and think they know what truly will happen . Many of My own children and unsaved ones read My words which they think they truly understand. My words are living they come alive to those who are truly My children to those who I call My sons ,My daughters of God The Most High your Eternal Most Merciful Father Who Art in Heaven . My children how was My son Jesus the Christ, My anointed one so powerful? how did he do all and I say all the things that he did from raising Lazarus from the dead to feeding the 5000 thousand with nearly no fish nor bread. Many over look the fact that My One True Only Son had My Spirit , he was truly led by My spirit and did the work , the mighty works thru My Holy Spirit. He did My will My will alone. Why did My One True Son only heal 1 man at the pool of gethsemane and than walk out or only heal the woman who allowed her to touch his cloak. Can anyone answer that question? My children he, My son heard My voice so clear like I was right there directing him he was obedient to My will, My will alone. Most of My own children are not, they are too fearful to obey My voice they are afraid of ridicule, they are afraid of man. My children the time is late so late that most do not see that the end is hear most think they have years at least 7 total when it all starts . My children who told you that man or My Spirit? Has anyone truly and I’ll say truly sought that answer and yet again I’ll say nay. You rely on man to confirm things for you not your One True God . You relied on a priest ,a deacon ,a pastor ,a pope to say this is what God truly meant. If you are doing this it means that we do not have a relationship and I your God will be forced to turn you away. I will have to say I never knew you, how can you as one of My own say you know me when we have no line of communication when you do all the talking and do not listen nor obey your God’s voice or even try to.

The time has come for everything to pass for My son to take his obedient bride who obeys My voice home to be with me and My one true son. My children there is no more time left it is done, My judgements on epic scale start so very soon . I will not say because most of My own will scaff at it and call it untrue. Well as your God who is in heaven sho sits on My throne and overseas all I say nay, you are wrong. My children get ready it comes when most of not all least expect it. To My bride that is worthy I have sent many warnings for you to get ready, you have had dreams of long trips, dreams of your names on lists, visions of all sorts . My Son also has visited most of you in one way or another so you already know to be ready, you already know that you are worthy because I have said so. In more ways that I only know, that you have had many confirmations, if you did not realize this please ask My Holy Spirit he will confirm for you of this truth, it is not hard, My children who hear My voice all you need to do is just ask. My others the disobedient ones get ready ,tribulation is at hand and you will be in it for great purification . My children you were warned that is all I will say at this point , This is your very last chance to come out of the world before your fate of being on earth during satan’s wrath is fullfilled. My children time has ran out and now The severe judgements will begin.
Please read revelation chapter 18 Matthew chapter 20 and chapter 22 chapter 12 of the book of Daniel and chapter 36 of Ezekiel. I have warned and no more. My time is at hand My Son must reign My new city comes before any realize even the man taking this message down. My children get your hearts ready for here it comes this is your very last call period. Signed Your Loving Eternal Father Who Art in Heaven.

The Messenger

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