Judgement is upon you – Barbara Francis

Judgement is upon you

Barbara Francis



Inhabitants of earth your Judgement is upon you all nations have committed multiple abominations in My sight. The entire earth is defiled.I instructed this daughter to make public record of the offences. I AM JUDGE. You have celebrated uncleanliness and perversions and paraded them before me.Daughter, speak what I have showen you. I have have seen evidence and documents telling me the nation’s that celebrate SODOMY.. INCEST and BESTIALITY , FULL TERM ABORTION. . I have seen the statistics world wide. I AM the creator ,I will send the destroyer to burn every people and nation with FIRE.you have shown no REPENTANCE or REMORSE for your actions .You walk tall proud of your EVIL I AM YOUR KING! ,I AM YOUR JUDGE! DEATH by FIRE will be your sentence. EVIL wicked generation .of scoffers mockers , and blasphemers. .


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  1. Brian Orlovsky

    Thank You Sister Barbara! For those who are confused, it’s nearer & Nearer to the time where your lack of commitment and stand by the choices will be made for you! It as sim[;e as are you for or against!
    Choose wisely, we are blessed with a merciful King, He does NOT play games, and the choices are all about eternal Life or eternal Damnation! The enemy will give you anything you desire, in return you must give him your soul! Do NOT let him have it! The Lord will forgive! Trust the King of All Kings!

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