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JESUS SAYS ‘NO’ TO WEED – Travis Coffey



December 31, 2020 11:39 AM
Travis Coffey

There are 2 parts to this article.

Part 1 on October 28, 2020:

Marijuana is increasing in popularity. More people today are using it and promoting it.

In fact, a video store near my home has a sign out front that reads, “We sell CBD.” In addition, many places around the United States are constructing buildings just to sell CBD and marijuana paraphernalia.

Last night, the Holy Spirit gave me two dreams about marijuana. One dream was about me buying contacts. I asked the doctor if I could order a box of contacts and he insisted I buy the pack that comes with marijuana and taking the drug would help my eyes.

Dreams from God are not to be taken literal (most of the time!).

So when I woke up, I asked the Holy Spirit what this meant.

He said more businesses are going to partner with the drug – like the video store/CBD thing I mentioned above.

The Holy Spirit also said:

“My people, I do not approve of marijuana.

I do not like it My people.

This is not for you to use.

Please do not use the excuse that it is beneficial for you and your health improves as a result of taking it.

My people, open your eyes and see this is harmful.

Your spirit is not the same when you smoke this. Your body was never made for this. You mind changes and you see things differently when you use this drug.

Come to Me and repent of this. I can heal your body. I can set you free. I can do all things that weed only tries to do.

I love you My people. Now come to Me quickly for I love to love you.”

Part 2 on December 31, 2020:

Marijuana is increasing in popularity, but it is not from God.

Jesus brought this to my attention again for it is a more serious issue than many believe.

When someone intakes weed, they are inviting a demon into their bodies.

Most people who smoke, know they are smoking something that is harmful or could be harmful to their body. Since they reject God’s Will for their body, demons have legal rights to move into the body.

The Holy Spirit says:

“My people, weed is a serious thing. The Devil has implanted this into many nations and homes. I will not have it. This is not from Me, but from the Devil himself. Listen closely: It is not My will for you to take this substance. Do not go near it for it is not of Me! Seek Me and not a plant. I am Lord, not your ‘healing medicine.'”

Note: For those who are truly taking it for medical reasons, please consult Jesus on this.

~ Travis Coffey kingjesusprophecies.com ~

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