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J – E – S – U S

January 9, 2022 9:08 PM
Averine Pennington


The Lord has been speaking to me in dreams and visions the past couple of nights. On the night/morning of January 7-8, I had 3 prophetic dreams and a banner vision. Seeking further interpretation, I asked the Lord for more information if He wishes me to share. The following night/morning, January 8-9, I received two snippets that I believe gives further understanding to the banner vision. I consider the ‘snippets’ to be puzzle pieces that He desires me to use as a starting point to ‘dig deeper.’

This vision reminded me of something that perhaps a Sunday School teacher would use to help very young children understand a spiritual concept. I saw the letters to our Lord’s name in very bold type with the last two letters a different color and very distinct from the first three letters. I was given the understanding that this vision represents U-S being IN J-E-S-U-S!

The ‘snippets’ I received the following night were ‘HOLY CONVOCATION’, and ‘______ CONVERGENCE’. An adjective was attached with ‘convergence,’ but for the life of me I could not remember it upon awakening. I invite you to look up the definition of these words and phrases on your own, but I will briefly give the meaning I believe the Holy Spirit pointed out to me (as defined by the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary): HOLY – sacred; CONVOKE – to call {voc-more at voice}, to call together to a meeting, summon; CONVOCATION – an assembly of persons convoked {called}; CONVERGE – to tend to move toward one point or one another, come together, meet, to come together and unite in a common interest or focus; CONVERGENCE – the act of converging and esp. moving toward union or uniformity, state or property of being convergent; CONVERGENT – tending to move toward one point or to approach each other, exhibiting convergence in form, function, or development.

[Note: I’m not sure, but I think this may have something to do with a portion of the recent dream I posted on December 29th, entitled “W-A-R-P SPEED,” where the Lord was describing how to build a road . . . to start from two points and have the ends ‘converge.’]

In my spirit, I feel this simple vision & words, is a confirmation of several other prophetic words posted on this site in recent days. I believe the First-fruits Remnant that has been called (convoked) are sealed within the ‘ark’ of Jesus Christ our Lord. We have graduated . . . finished this leg of the race. We are ready to wear our Silver Wings and serve in OUR CAPTAIN’S special forces! We are prepared to deploy into the ripened fields to work the Great End-Time Harvest. The time we have been training for is upon us. It will be my great honor to serve along side each of you who have been called for ‘such a time as this!’

Yours for the Harvest,



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