=======W=A=R=P S=P=E=E=D !!! – Averine Pennington


=======W=A=R=P S=P=E=E=D !!!

December 29, 2021 3:30 PM
Averine Pennington

December 29, 2021

I awoke from a very intense dream this morning, looked immediately to see what time it was. The digital clock read 7:17am [Strong’s H717 – arah; a prime root; to pluck – gather, pluck].

Dream as follows:

I was a part of a large ministry team that had been dispatched to a very large city in the USA. I was not given the name of the city, but we were setting up in a huge convention center in the downtown area that was located near intersecting freeways with triple-decker overpasses. (observation: reminded me of the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston that is built so close to intersecting elevated freeways that as you approach, it feels like you are going to drive right into the building – not saying it was Houston, but very similar type downtown location.)

The objective of the crusade was to preach the gospel and prepare the people to be ready to escape a coming judgment that was imminent. Our mission was to bring as many people as possible to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ before it was too late. Many souls were at stake! We had been provided with a seemingly unlimited number of white buses in which to transport the people away from danger just as soon as they became part of the Lord’s harvest. Our team was immense – think of a Billy Graham crusade on steroids. Time was of the essence, as we all knew the judgment was already on its way. There was not a moment to spare, and we had to work at ‘WARP SPEED’ to reach the population with our message of hope in Christ alone.

My older sister and I were both part of the crusade team which included a Christian artist that looked like the Country artist and American Idol judge, Luke Bryan. (Perhaps it was him, I do not limit my Lord’s ability to call whomsoever He will for His end-time purposes.) My sister was heading up the technical team responsible for setting up a sound system that would project the audio from the crusade not only into the convention center but to the outdoor parking areas as well. Great crowds were expected, and our goal was that any who could not fit inside, would be able to hear the gospel from outside as well.

Our team had arrived at the venue late the night before and had been told to get a few hours rest. However, there was a glitch or something in a piece of the equipment. My sister refused to even think of sleeping until the problem was fixed so everything would be ready to go on time. While I got a little rest, she worked diligently to resolve the issue before daybreak.

When morning came and we were setting up the sound equipment, a man approached my sister. We all knew He was ‘in charge of EVERYTHING’ (I believe this man was Jesus). He pulled my sister aside privately, but somehow in the dream I was privy to their conversation. He asked if she thought the equipment would be ready in time, reminding her of the importance of this mission to move at WARP SPEED! She handed Him the piece of equipment that she had been working on while everyone else on our team rested. He praised her diligence and devotion to the task He had assigned her.

My sister responded by telling Him that as much as she loved to use her technical skills, her true desire was to help ‘build the highway.’ She asked if He would teach her how to be a ‘road builder.’ He took a minute to explain to her the technique needed to ‘build a road.’ He said, “You must have two points that you wish to connect. . . Point A – origin, to Point B – destination. The best way for a road to be completed is to have it start from both those points and build toward each other so that the two roads will meet and connect.” He called my sister by name and said, “Don’t you know that you have already been working on your end? Every step along your journey with Me, you have been paving the road that you have traveled. Many others who have gone before you have added their stones and those who follow you will add theirs also. You have helped prepare the way for My coming . . . a beautiful highway pointing souls to Me! The way of the redeemed . . . I will meet you where you are . . . I AM the WAY!”

The man (Jesus) then embraced my sister and left to attend other matters. With tears in her eyes, and a big smile on her face, my sister returned to her assigned task in the glass-enclosed sound booth located on a level above the convention center floor. ‘Luke’ signaled, making a circular motion with his right hand as he held his guitar . . . as if to say, “Let’s get this ball rolling.” The worship music started with packed seating, standing room only, and the acres of parking lots were jam packed with a multitude of people seeking solace. The population of the city was aware of the calamity at their doorstep. There was devastation of one kind or another occurring all over the globe, so there was really no safe place to run to. They knew there was no way that a city of this size could hope to be evacuated in time, though some attempted to do so. All in this crowd were simply looking to get their hearts right with God . . . HE was their only hope and salvation!

I briefly looked down from our perch and could see our team of ministers moving among the people, sharing the gospel in small groups as ‘Luke’ sang his heart out like the pied piper, calling all who would listen to come to repentance. It was nothing like a traditional crusade. Time was too short! As people came to salvation in Jesus Christ, other members of our team were on hand to immediately escort them to the white buses. There was simply no time to lose . . . every moment counted for the Kingdom! This very day would determine the destiny of many, many people!

At one point, a couple of really big and tall guys (I think perhaps they were angels assisting us) came into the sound booth and told us it was time to ‘wrap it up’ . . . to just leave all the equipment as it was and MOVE QUICKLY to the buses in preparation for departure. My sister did not want to go as she saw that when she cut the sound, ‘Luke’ was vehemently motioning her to continue. He evidently wanted to keep singing until the final moment . . . to keep the people calm and to possibly save a few more before the end. She embraced me and told me she would see me soon . . . I cried as I left her to the fate she had chosen!

Our task now was to finish getting the buses loaded and out of harm’s way as quickly as possible. As the fleet of buses were pulling away from the downtown area, I looked out a back seat window to see a river of lava flowing like a waterfall over the top of the triple-decker freeway behind us. It was indescribably horrific and not at all like you would imagine of a creeping lava flow from a volcano. This was more like a flash flood of red-hot molten liquid moving quickly and reducing to ashes everything in its path. There was no way the buses could outrun such a deluge. BUT THEN, before I could barely finish my thought, the bus I was riding in lurched forward with such force that everyone on board held on for dear life. I believe we may have been moving at Warp Speed!

End of Dream.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, I believe this dream is one scenario that the Lord’s Harvesters will possibly take part in. The judgments that are indeed God’s mercy have begun. I have just this week received two short words: #1) “The Time Has Come” and #2) “Much Devastation.” We are living in perhaps the last seconds, of the last hour of the end of days as we know them. I know God’s timing is not the same as ours (example: I have been hearing ‘SOON’ since early 2019), but He is most definitely urging those He has called to end-time assignments to be ready at a moment’s notice. When He says it’s time to go . . . expect to MOVE quickly. I don’t know how fast Warp Speed is, but God moves ‘in the twinkling of and eye’!

Yours for the Harvest,


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