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Ivermectin – Larithza Medina

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September 16, 2021 8:40 AM
Larithza Medina

God bless you dear brethren!
I feel the need to share this information with you.
I’m not a physician, scientific or expert in medical topics but I believe in the true God, who is Omniscient and Almighty. He can reveal whatever He wants.

Few days ago, I have a short vision: I saw a furious group of people asking, looking and demanding, and the Spirit said:
As usual I did my research and I found that is a treatment for COVID-19 and there’s evidence that the treatment works.

I can’t do anything because in order to have hydroxychloroquine you need a prescription.

I never received a COVID-19 test, no symptoms before or now. In July I ordered a blood test to check if I have the antibodies against COVID-19 in my body but the results came back negative, I never had COVID-19. My husband and kids never had COVID-19.

I wasn’t praying for this topic.
This morning (September 16), around 3:38 AM I felt a burden in my spirit and I prayed in the spirit (heavenly language). The Spirit said: “Ivermectin“.
I did my online research again and I found that is also a COVID-19 treatment.

I checked where’s on sale and I found that is a short stock in Amazon without prescription and I bought two tubes.

There’s no coincidence, the Lord is showing me two COVID-19 treatments. I also want to share that I received two medicines orders yesterday. I’m stocking OTC medicine for colds, headache, first Aid kits, alcohol, etc.

I’m not telling you to go and purchase any specific medicine.
Please pray for confirmation, wisdom and guidance.

With love,

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